Back Pain - Use These 5 Exercises to Correct Problems

Back Pain – Try These 5 Exercises to Correct the Problem

The back muscles always work, but we do not hesitate to overlook their importance. You can prevent back pain through regular exercise. On the other hand, negligence can result in a breakdown or injury to the back, affecting your entire body. 

From sitting in a chair at your workplace to watching a movie at home, the back is busy and requires attention. Regular back exercises can make the back more active and help you do more. A strong back can do so much.

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In most cases, back pain and other back injuries result from not doing the right exercises. Also, some causes of back pain include:

  • Lifting heavyweight
  • Arthritis
  • Ruptured disks
  • Osteoporosis

When back pain starts, some signs come along with it. Here are some symptoms of back pain.

  • Constant muscle ache
  • Regular stabbing pain
  • Persistent pain whenever you bend, lift, stand, or walk.
  • Pain that runs down to your leg
  • Pain whenever you try to flex your back

This article will take you through helpful exercises that you can do to keep your back healthy. Also, I will share with you exercises to be careful with.

Exercises to strengthen your back and prevent pain

  • Yoga: Yoga can prevent back pain. Yoga allows you to stretch your back muscles and ease stress. Regularly doing yoga can cause you to gain awareness of your body, increase your balance, and prevent back injuries.
  • Stretching: You can use stretching as an important way to relieve back pain. When you stretch, train, and workout, you gain the flexibility that kills back pain.
  • Swimming: Swimming and water aerobics can prove helpful in preventing back problems. Swimming 20-30 minutes daily is best to avoid back pain.
  • Stationary cycling/biking: You can go biking or engage in stationary cycling to avoid back pain. This also makes the back energetic and prevents back injuries.
  • Pelvic Lifts and Abdominal Curls: You perform pelvic lifts and abdominal curls with your back lying flat and your knees bent. Both strengthen your core and gives support to your back

Avoid exercises you do not know first-hand knowledge of because incorrectly performing them can have serious consequences.

Exercise can help prevent back problems. However, knowing that some activities can cause serious problems when you do not perform them correctly is critical. Below are some exercises to avoid if you do not know how to do them correctly.

  • Toe Touches: This exercise puts too much stress on the disks and ligaments in your spine. It can also overstrain the lower back muscles and hamstrings.
  • Sit-Ups: This is a popular exercise, but it strains the spine. When you rush and perform it incorrectly by overworking and jerking, then the problem starts.
  • Leg Lift: This exercise puts more pressure on your back and is not advisable for back problems.
  • The deadlift, when performed correctly, builds every muscle in your body. But when executed incorrectly, it can destroy your back.
  • Burpees are another great exercise that can damage your back when performed incorrectly. Therefore, you must weigh the benefits of burpees against the setback they can cause if you do not do them correctly.

In summary, preventing back pain doesn’t always require medical attention. You can use exercises and therapy to get the job done. But, if you experience severe debilitating back pain, visit your doctor immediately. 

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