Day 10 of My Weight Loss Challenge: Adaptation and Activity

Day 10 of My Weight Loss Challenge: Adaptation and Activity

Day 10 of my weight loss challenge was marked by continued adaptation and unexpected physical activities. Following recent dental surgery, I adjusted my workout routine, focusing on maintaining momentum while allowing for recovery.

Adjusted Workout Routine

I stuck to my usual workout routine with a minor alteration. Since I couldn’t access the leg press machine, I substituted it with hack squats. This adjustment focused on my legs without requiring the intense pressure that leg presses might have demanded post-dental surgery. The overall workout was lighter to accommodate my recovery needs, emphasizing the importance of listening to my body and adapting as necessary.

Enhanced Recovery and Hydration

Recovery was also aided by a good night’s sleep, which is crucial for muscle repair and overall health. Continuing my emphasis on hydration, I drank plenty of water throughout the day. Hydration plays a critical role in weight loss, helping to regulate appetite, increase metabolism, and improve energy levels.

Visualizing Diet Goals

I wrote my daily intake on a board to enhance my commitment to my diet plan, including calorie counts. This visual representation constantly reminds me of my goals and helps keep me accountable. Although I use apps to track my progress, having a tangible, visible cue in my living space reinforces my commitment and keeps my objectives in mind.

Simplified Meal Plan

My eating schedule remains simplified; I eat twice a day. This makes it easier to track my meals and gives my digestive system and organs much-needed rest. Intermittent fasting in this manner can boost metabolic health and aid in fat loss by aligning with natural circadian rhythms and improving hormonal balance.

Active Lifestyle Adjustments

A significant portion of the day’s activities involved selling and moving weights. Transporting 25- and 35-pound plates down three flights of stairs to my car was unexpectedly strenuous. This activity doubled as a functional workout, mainly mimicking a farmer’s walk, which is excellent for building strength and endurance. In addition, I washed the car, which is a Porsche 986, and my pride and joy. Activities like washing the car, cutting the grass, and cleaning the house are great NEAT activities to burn calories and be more productive.

Weekend Workout Strategy

While I typically aim for two-a-day workouts on weekends, the physical effort in moving the weights provided enough activity to contribute to my daily calorie deficit. This incidental exercise is a reminder that all forms of activity are valuable in a weight loss journey, and adapting plans to include unplanned physical tasks can effectively aid in achieving fitness goals.


Day 10 taught me the value of flexibility and the effectiveness of integrating daily chores into my fitness regime. Each step, whether planned in a workout or part of an active lifestyle, brings me closer to my weight loss goals. As I continue this journey, the lessons learned about adapting workouts, visualizing goals, and embracing all forms of activity will guide my approach to achieving sustainable health and fitness.

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