Day 11 of My Weight Loss Challenge: Mother’s Day and Maintaining Discipline

Day 11 of My Weight Loss Challenge: Mother’s Day and Maintaining Discipline

Day 11 of my weight loss challenge coincided with Mother’s Day, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for staying on track. Despite it being a day traditionally filled with indulgence, I focused on discipline and set clear goals to maintain my progress.

Focused Cardio Session

I began the day with a dedicated cardio session, walking on the treadmill for an hour and spending five minutes on the StairMaster. Notably, I’ve increased my walking speed from 3.5 miles per hour at the start of my journey to 3.9 miles per hour, showing measurable progress in my endurance and pace. These incremental increases are part of my strategy to challenge my body and improve my cardiovascular health continuously.

Planned Exercise Progression

Looking ahead, I plan to push my treadmill speed to 4 miles per hour on Monday. After reaching this milestone, I intend to incorporate more incline work to continue with the principle of progressive overload, which is critical for continuous improvement in physical fitness.

Caloric Intake and Accuracy

On the dietary front, I am maintaining a caloric goal of 1200 calories per day. However, it’s essential to consider the potential inaccuracies in nutritional labeling. Food producers are permitted a 20% margin of error in calorie reporting. This means a product with 500 calories could realistically contain up to 600 calories. Such discrepancies underscore the need for caution and flexibility in dietary planning, as these variances can undermine even meticulous calorie counting.

Strategic Eating on Mother’s Day

To navigate the culinary temptations of Mother’s Day without derailing my weight loss efforts, I chose to eat before visiting my mom. This strategy helped me control my intake and avoid overindulgence, keeping in mind that gaining weight is much easier than losing it.


Mother’s Day on a weight loss journey highlighted the importance of planning and discipline. I could enjoy the celebration without compromising my goals by sticking to my workout routine, being mindful of caloric intake, and strategically managing my diet on a potentially challenging day. This balance is crucial, as it demonstrates that special occasions can be enjoyed responsibly with the right strategies, even amidst a rigorous weight loss challenge.

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