Instantly Increase Your Strength On Back Exercises

Instantly Increase Your Strength On Back Exercises

Do you want a simple way to increase your strength with the back exercises you perform? Sound too good to be true?

We speak the truth, my friend, and if you aren’t using this essential piece of gym equipment, you’re missing out on some serious muscle size and strength gains. So what tool are we talking about?


A pair of lifting straps or hook grips!

Straps and hooks are essential and highly effective equipment, yet many people neglect to use them. For those unaware, these are a set of thick straps made of a robust material placed around your wrists and then wrapped around the barbell, dumbbell, or cable attachment.

Lifting straps eliminate your grip from the equation by forming a secure connection between your wrist and the weight. If you use these straps properly, you can hold on to the bar and perform exercises while expending almost no energy from your forearms.

Why is this so valuable?

Picture this scenario: you’re performing a set of deadlifts (arguably the most potent muscle-building exercise known to man) to perform eight reps. You psych yourself up, grip the weight and clear the bar from the ground. The set is going well, but by the time you reach rep number 5, the strain on your grip is so great that you can no longer hold on to the bar. You must stop the set because your forearms have reached muscular failure.

What exactly happened here?

Well, you gave yourself a fantastic forearm workout! Congratulations! Unfortunately, you severely limited the muscle stimulation you could achieve on your back, shoulders, legs, and just about every other muscle in your body that the deadlift targets. Also, this is not a good thing!

Lifting straps eliminate this problem by ensuring you reach muscular failure in the major muscle groups you intend to target rather than on your forearms and grip. As a result, we can use them effectively for almost every back exercise or any other lift where the grip is concerned.

The Pros and Cons of Lifting Straps or Hook Grips

The principal argument against lifting straps is that they will negatively affect the development of grip strength and forearm size. So let’s get real here. What would you prefer, greater muscle mass and strength in your lats and upper back (and just about every muscle group on your body) or the more extraordinary ability to crack open a jar of pickles? Take your pick.

The positive effect that lifting straps have on your overall muscle mass and strength gains will outweigh any adverse effect on your forearms and grip.

Besides, you can easily incorporate specific forearm movements into your routine to develop your grip strength and forearm size.

So, if you aren’t using lifting straps already, get on it! You can find them at almost any store that sells sports or fitness equipment, or you can order them online. They sell for about 10 or 15 bucks and are well worth the price!

The Last Word on Instantly Increasing Your Strength On Exercises

If you’re looking for a way to increase your strength on every back exercise, straps or hook grips are the answer. You can instantly increase your strength on every back exercise with simple tools and techniques.

Using straps or hook grips, you can focus all your attention on the muscles you’re working on and lift more weight.

So next time you hit the gym, try these methods to see how you feel after your back workout. Also, this will help you lift heavier weights and get stronger faster. Have you tried using lifting straps or hook grips? What has been your experience?

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