Boxing – The Best HIIT Workout to Burn Stomach Fat Quickly

How do you use boxing as a HIIT workout to burn stomach fat quickly? Boxing is a sport, but it is also an exercise. Most people like to use boxing as a hobby; others enjoy the passion, whereas others do it because they want to exercise. Finally, few are so passionate about boxing that they want to fight professionally. The greatest boxers are celebrities because most people know them by one name (Ali, Tyson, Frazier, Foreman, and Sugar Ray).

Professional boxers are world-class athletes who spend years perfecting their craft. Boxing requires endurance, coordination, speed, power, and rhythm. Men burn between 230 and 250 calories for 30 minutes of heavy bag punching. For women, the calories burned are between 184 and 207 calories during the same training.

Also, boxing helps to eliminate stress and frustration. After a hard day of work or a disagreement, you can hit the bags to resolve any pent-up frustration. The bags are pleasant because they do not judge or hit back. But before you hit the bags, ensure you have the right gear for your boxing session, technique, and workout plan.

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What is the best boxing gear to use for results and safety?

The right gear depends on your boxing session. Just hitting the bags, you need less equipment than if you plan to train with someone else. Training with others does not require you to spar. The other person can act as a training partner or coach.

Hitting the Bags Gear:

  1. Gloves
  2. Hand Wraps
  3. Shoes
  4. Shorts
  5. Punching bag
  6. Gear Bag
  7. Water bottle

Training Partner Gear:

  1. Gloves
  2. Hand wraps
  3. Shoes
  4. Mitts
  5. Gear bag
  6.  Water bottle

Sparring Gear:

  1. Gloves
  2. Hand wraps
  3. Shoes
  4. Headgear
  5. Endwell
  6.  Water bottle

The right gear helps you to perform at your best and prevents you from getting hurt. Even if you are hitting the bags, the velocity and speed at which the hand travels can expose you to shoulder injuries.

Gear combined with the correct technique can protect you from many injuries. One of the first things a trainer tells a boxer is always to defend themselves. Boxing is a contact sport, even when just hitting the bag.

What are the best punches techniques used to burn the most body fat?

You can’t throw a perfect punch without the correct footwork. The footwork allows you to use your entire body when you throw a punch. Most punches push the power from the feet through the shoulders and hips into the hands.

The best boxers use great footwork to punch in combinations and with power. Ali, Tyson, and Sugar Ray were famous for their footwork. Footwork also allows you to dance, bob, and weave while boxing.

Using your feet, you burn more energy because your feet also work your legs. The legs are the biggest and most powerful muscles in the body. We knew Mike Tyson for his powerful legs and punch.

Boxing provides the same versatility as weightlifting because of the different punches you can throw.

All punches, when thrown correctly, use compound movements. These types of activities burn the most body fat. You can throw various punches: jab, uppercut, hook, overhand, and bolo punch. You can put all bunches into one of two categories. Some punches use speed, while others use power.

To throw a jab, get in a boxing stance, push off the ball of your feet, throw a straight punch by extending your elbow, move only your forearm and rotate your glove using the shoulder.

The jab is a speed punch; you can throw it in bunches or use it in combination with other punches. You can work the bags with a jab but change it with different punches and dancing to make it fun. Speed activities activate the same fast-twitch muscles as resistance training.

The hook transfers power from the base to the hand. It is like swinging a baseball bat with the elbow positioned at a ninety-degree angle.

The force needed to generate power when throwing a hook comes from the hip. A hook requires a chain reaction that begins with the foot firmly in the ground and pivoting as the force travels up the leg, hip, side, and shoulder in a twisting motion.

The hook is a short, compact body punch that requires you to turn your hip during the twist. A hook punch is a stealth punch that usually comes from the leading hand. It uses a lot of energy and is an excellent complement to the jab when boxing to burn stomach fat.

An uppercut requires you to bend your knees, keep your hips down and rotate your body while the palm of your hands is facing you and turns upward toward the sky.

Also, the uppercut requires perfect timing. It should land right after the hips rotate. When throwing an uppercut, lean the body to the side of the uppercut slightly. An Uppercut is like the hook. A hook lands from the side, whereas the uppercut lands from underneath.

The overhand punch is a power bunch. Throw it sparingly during workouts

This punch allows you to test your power and assert your authority. The punch is like throwing a pitch in baseball. An overhand (or overcut or drop) punch is a semi-circular and vertical punch thrown with the rear hand. The punch relies on body weight and can deliver great power. When throwing an overhand punch:

  1. Throw the punch over your shoulders
  2. Arch your elbow
  3. Lean to your outside opposite the punch,
  4. Sit down on the punch
  5. Bend your knees as you throw the punch
  6. Pivot your back foot to increase the power

The bolo punching style is a circular upper punch with a large wind-up that looks like a softball pitch.

The bolo punch uses a whip punch directed towards the waist level, and it can technically be a combination of hook and uppercut.

Most boxers throw this punch at the four or five o’clock position. Sugar Ray Leonard and Kid Gavilan used this punching style to woo fans and razzle and dazzle opponents. Ray primarily used bolo punches to mock or taunt his opponent. Also, it helped him distract his opponents frequently. The polo punch is a great way to have a little fun when boxing to burn stomach fat.

You can use a flurry of jabs, a couple of uppercuts, and hooks, followed by an overhand punch to seal the deal.

A fun boxing workout requires the right bunches to have fun and burn stomach fat. Boxing provides all the excitement of Zuma and dancing classes while allowing you to be aggressive. You bob, weave, bolo punch, and throw a couple of jabs with the same combination. Good boxing burns many calories by using the legs, shoulders, and arms to move and punch.

What are the best boxing styles to consider when putting together a boxing workout?

A boxing style defines your personality and how you respond to the world around you. Also, it best matches your body type. A boxing style brings out the best in your boxing workout. The fitting soundtrack and boxing style can take your boxing workout to the next level. Boxing not only provides the same benefits as dancing, but like dancing, it tells a story. The world knew many of the greats by their boxing style. Thus, to help you identify the best boxing style, here is a list of the best boxing styles and the boxers that made the style famous:

Muhammad Ali used the outside boxing style to shake up the world

The outside boxing style allows a boxer to fight from the outside. It requires speed and skill to exploit the opponent’s weakness. Outside, fighters like to dance in the ring and frustrate opponents into making mistakes. They use a lot of jabs and combinations. Also, they count on precision to dominate the opponent. Outside boxers masterfully create combinations the same way composers construct music. Ali used the outside boxing style better than anyone in history. He went by the name of the greatest. His personal life was just like his boxing style.

Muhammad Ali’s mother gave him the birth name Cassius Clay. He changed his name to Muhammad Ali once he joined the Nation of Islam. Ali was an outsider who changed the world through his religion and politics. He was a prominent figure in the Civil Rights Movement. Ali defied the US Army and refused to go to Vietnam.

After spending two years in jail, he returned to the ring, where he regained the world’s heavyweight boxing championship. Ali took on some of the best boxers of his day and defeated them all. He stood 6’1″ and was the heavyweight champion of the world. Many considered him the greatest fighter who ever lived. Ali fought 61 bouts with 37 knockouts. This style may be for you if you are creative and a rebel with a long reach. Those who love to dance naturally take to the outside style of boxing.

Julio-Chavez-Caesar boxing

Julio Cesar Chavez used the pressure-fighting style to bully his opponents into submission

The pressure-fighting style allows a boxer to fight from the inside. It requires muscle, endurance, and stamina. Pressure fighters like to get up close by throwing jabs, and once they get inside, they work the body with hooks and uppercuts. They use a combination of quick jabs, hooks, and uppercuts to wear the opponent down. They take a warfare approach to boxing.

Chavez was the most extraordinary pressure fighter in boxing history. He did not even use a nickname like most fighters. The world called him Chavez. He used a blue-collar construction-type mindset to dominate boxing. Julio never said much. When opponents talked trash, he looked at them quietly and punished them in the ring.

Chavez came from a humble background, which he was proud of. He was born in Mexico and loved to share his heritage with the world. Like Ali, he was a world champion multiple times. He stood 5’7″ and had a sturdy body. Chavez fought 115 bouts with 85 knockouts.

This style may be for you if you are task-centered and determined with a stone chin and a short reach. Those who love to play contact sports naturally take on the pressure-fighting style of boxing.


George Foreman used the slugger fighting style to become the world’s heavyweight champion twice.

The slugger fighting style allows a boxer to use his power to knock his opponent out. It requires size and muscles with a strong lower base. Sluggers like to mix it up and go after the opponent. They use combinations, but not diplomatically.

Their style is like a pressure fighter but different because sluggers will hit you anywhere and anytime. A slugger is more akin to a street fighter, but he knows how to protect himself and throw a punch. George Foreman is one of the most famous sluggers in boxing history. He went by the name Big George.

George stood 6’3″ and looked like a mountain. He fought 81 bouts and had 76 knockouts. Foreman’s size subdued many of his opponents before the fight began. George was a gentle giant until he got into the ring.

Sluggers are more like curious kids and like to get into things. They enjoy taking things apart to see how they work. The slugger fighting style takes a lot of energy and usually is good for several rounds but has problems going the distance.

When George Foreman fought Muhammad Ali for the world championship in Africa, he dominated most of the fight, but as he got tired, Ali took charge.

If a boxing coach has not trained you or you have a dominating stature, this style may be for you. Those who want to mix it up and burn some energy naturally take to the slugger fighting style of boxing. It does not take a lot of knowing how to be a slugger, but if you are going to spar, you better have some athletic abilities.


Mike Tyson used the puncher fighting style to terrorize his opponents on his way to the world’s heavyweight championship.

The puncher fighting style is for boxers who can punch. It requires athleticism, speed, power, and leverage. These fighters cannot only hit hard but also have an acute understanding of spatial awareness. They know how to create angles that allow them to land devastating blows.

These fighters are rare because they bring physical and mental abilities. A puncher can use his hands like a lethal weapon. They are quick on their feet and love to bob and weave. It is tough to hit them without getting hit back.

Mike Tyson is the greatest puncher the world has ever known. He went by the name’ of Iron Mike. Tyson was a ferrous fighter with the power of a mad truck. He was highly athletic and knew his way around the ring like no one else. Some of the Tyson fights lasted seconds.

He spent some time away from boxing after going to jail on a rape charge. Tyson also bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear during a fight. Despite his bad-boy ways, Tyson goes down as the second-greatest heavyweight in the eyes of many.

Mike Tyson stood 5’10” tall with 58 bouts and 50 knockouts. This style may be for you if you have enormous power and understand angles. Those who use great footwork and have excellent hand-eye coordination with a tremendous amount of hand speed naturally take the puncher-fighting style of boxing.

Some fighting styles you select, but others must choose you. The puncher fighting style is one of those you must be suitable for if you are trying to spar. Try it if you are hitting the bags and looking for a workout.

Mohammad Ali v Larry Holmes

As a world heavyweight champion, Larry Holmes is one of the best counterpunchers in the ring.

The counter-punching style is for boxers who don’t like getting hit. It requires good defense and quick reactions. These types of fighters are very savvy and cerebral. They want to bob, weave, dance, and parry punches. Like the puncher, they, too, understand angles.

They know how to use them to remain stealthy throughout a fight. They are good at conserving energy. This style is best for the ring if you want to burn stomach fat. A punching bag doesn’t hit back, so there is no need to be bashful around it.

Larry Holmes started his career as a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali. He was a quiet person. You would not have known he was in the room unless you spoke to him.

While Tyson, Ali, and Foreman were public figures long after their fight, Chavez and Larry were content to stay away from the public’s eye.

Larry Holmes stood 6’3″ tall with a slender build. He fought 75 bouts with 44 knockouts. If you don’t like getting hit and responding quickly, this style may be for you. Those who know how to bob, weave, parry punches, and move around the ring naturally take to the counter-punching boxing style.

How do you use boxing in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn stomach fat?

Boxing is a high-intensity interval event where everything rapidly changes. It uses interval periods of medium activity mixed with high-speed action. A boxer’s temperature rises rapidly while boxing. Boxing is just like dancing but with violent physical contact.

When boxing, you hit the bag, mitt, or another person. The professional and amateur men boxes for 3 minutes and women for 2 minutes. Thus, schedule your workouts for 3 minutes of high-intensity training if you are a man and 2 minutes for a woman.

The rest time between rounds in boxing is 1 minute. After the 3 minutes of high-intensity interval training, walk around, squat, or use the counter-punching style for one minute. Amateurs box three rounds, while professionals box up to 12 rounds.

Thus, a novice should plan their sessions for three rounds, and an experienced trainee should plan their sessions for up to six or more. A professional boxer can lose up to 20 pounds of water weight during a fight. The body is 70% water. It is easy to get dehydrated when you are not in shape.

So, be careful; don’t do more than you can handle. When trying to burn stomach fat, slow and steady wins the race. Combine your workouts with your diet so that you are not trying to overdo it in the gym. Subtract some calories from your diet and burn the rest with your workout.

Here is what both HIIT training sessions look like:

Beginner HIIT Session

3 x 3-minute rounds

2 x 1-minute walk/jumping jacks/counter-punching style

Total 11-minute training

Advanced HIIT Session

10 x 3-minute rounds

9 x 1-minute jumping jacks/squat/counter-punching style

Total 39-minute HIIT Training Session

The last word on using boxing as a HIIT workout to burn stomach fat

It’s hard to put on some gloves, see a bag, and not want to hit it. Boxing is fun and works off a lot of stress and frustration. The faster you hit the bags, the more calories you burn.

Sports that get turned into exercises are the best ways to burn calories because they keep you engaged. Many activities are plain boring, but boxing has a bite to it. An additional benefit, you get to learn how to defend yourself.

As mentioned above, boxing is like dancing. It got all the moves plus the contact. Choose a style that works for you, or combine a couple of styles in your workout. Finally, combine a couple of combinations to keep you busy during your workout. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it. The more you enjoy your workouts, the more fat you burn and the longer you stay with it.

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