Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Have you heard of MeThreeSixty, a phone app that can provide 3D body measurements? People have been using 2D measurements for years to track body changes. However, these measurements don’t give the complete picture. Also, 2D measurements such as weight can be misleading. For example, water, muscle, body, and body waste are factors in addition to body fat that can cause weight to increase or decrease. Enter MeThreeSixty – the phone app that uses 3D technology to give you a more accurate representation of your body measurements.

MeThreeSixty Capture Image

How It Works

MeThree \Sixty uses your phone’s camera to take pictures of your front, back, and sides. These pictures are then turned into a 3D model of your body that can be rotated and zoomed in on. This model is then used to calculate more accurate measurements of your weight, height, circumference, chest, leg, arm size, etc.

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MeThreeSixty Future Me

Why It’s Better

The most significant advantage of MeThreeSixty is that it gives you a more accurate representation of your body. 2D measurements can be easily distorted, making it difficult to track your progress. With MeThreeSixty, you can be confident that the numbers you are seeing are accurate. The best thing about the application is it is free. Fitness and medical centers provide 3D images with bulky machines ranging from $50 to $200.

In addition, MeThreeSixty allows you to see your progress over time. You can view your 3D model from different angles and see how your body has changed over the weeks or months. This is an invaluable tool for motivated dieters and fitness enthusiasts who want to see the results of their hard work!

Also, MeThreeSixty allows you to make projections of how you will look. It provides a 3D image with a slider that you can move to increase and decrease your weight. As you change the weight, the appearance of the 3D image changes. The feature is called future me. Future me is a strong motivator because it allows you to see how much better you can look by losing or gaining weight. MeThreeSixty future me provides a 70-pound weight range which allows for short and long-term weight management.


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The Last Word on MeThreeSixty, a Phone App for 3D Body Measurements

If you’re looking for a more accurate way to track your body measurements, download MeThreeSixty today! This phone app uses 3D technology to give you a realistic representation of your body that can be viewed from all angles. With MeThreeSixty, you can see your progress and ensure that you’re on track to reach your goals!

By Terry Clark

Terry Clark is a math professor, certified fitness trainer, bodybuilding coach, nutrition specialist, writer, and fitness enthusiast. Terry loves working out, playing with numbers, solving problems, writing, and teaching.