Dead Arm - How to Prevent Muscles from Falling Asleep

Dead Arm – How to Prevent Your Muscles from Falling Asleep

How do you prevent weightlifting arms from falling asleep at night? Many people complain their arms fall asleep at night after a workout. It is common for your arms to fall asleep after a strenuous workout, but you have a severe condition if it continues at night.

Therefore, this article will shed light on the causes and solutions to prevent your arms from falling asleep.

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Causes of numb arms after weightlifting

Before finding a solution, it is better to look at why numb arms are at night after weightlifting.

●     Nerve conditions

One of the most common reasons is a nervous condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. It results from a pinched nerve in the wrist. The wrist’s prolonged flexing can worsen this condition, causing your arms to fall asleep at night.

●     Medical conditions

There are several medical conditions, like diabetes, which can cause numbness. Another reason is damage to the nerves of your arms and legs. Also, traumatic injuries, stroke, neurological disorders, stress, toxin, and infections can cause numbness.

●     Ganglion cyst

A fluid cyst in our wrists, called ganglion cyst, sometimes pressures the nerves. Because of the force, your arms go numb.

 How do you prevent weightlifting arms from falling asleep at night?

Here are some of the effective ways to prevent your arms from falling asleep at night:

Don’t exercise too close to bedtime –

You know that exercise helps you fall asleep and get quality sleep at night. However, you may be surprised to hear that sometimes when you exercise too close to bedtime, it can increase your body temperature—leaving your mind to be active to drift off. Therefore, it might cause your arms to fall asleep at night. Therefore, always try to plan your workout sessions three to four hours before your bedtime. This way, your body will have enough time to cool down and relax.

Don’t exercise too aggressively –

Exercising too aggressively or for a longer time can compress nerves in your arms or lower blood circulation. However, the most common cause is the compression of nerves because of inflammation after a workout.

Thus, it can cause tension in your muscles and might cause numb arms at night. Therefore, avoid numbness in your arms; don’t exaggerate and overwork because you know that working out beyond your limits can cause you more harm than good.

Stretch after a workout –

Never ignore stretching or take it for granted. Always do proper stretching after a workout. Stretching helps to keep your muscles flexible and healthy. It’s like a cool-down that will prepare you for the rest of your day.

Use a good sleeping posture –

Your sleeping position plays a significant role. So, always try to have a comfortable posture that is good for your health and prevents your arms from falling asleep.

See a doctor –

Sometimes, your arms falling asleep might not be related to weightlifting. However, if you have other symptoms like headaches, loss of balance, weakness, and numbness in your arms, it’s time to consult a doctor to find a proper solution.

Last words on how to prevent weightlifting arms from falling asleep at night

There are many reasons for your arms to fall asleep at night. However, by following the above methods, you can prevent them. What do you think? Please share your response in the comments so others can benefit from your experience.

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