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This tag provides articles on hormones. The body is a complex machine that uses many moving parts. Those parts communicate with each other through little messengers. Each messenger overseas specific functions within the body. Some tell the body when you need to eat while others tell your body what to do with food.

TFClark Fitness Magazine provides information on the hormones that control muscle growth and fat loss.

Also, we provide information on the foods and exercise that activate and promote the messengers that control the body. The main messengers that control muscle growth are testosterone, human growth hormones, and insulin-like growth factors. The messengers that control fat loss are insulin, ghrelin, leptin, and glucagon.

TF Clark Fitness Magazine explains how these hormones work and how you can use them to get result.

Knowing is half the battle. You are more likely to get the results you are looking for when you understand the process. We provide articles that explain the messenger that travel through you blood communicating to your body. Certain foods fuel these messenger while exercise activates them. Your genetics and environment also play a role in how these messengers communicate with your body.