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How to Increase Natural Testosterone Levels

How do you increase your natural testosterone levels? One of the most important things to consider is your muscle-building hormones. This is crucial because hormones drive muscle growth. In particular, anabolic hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin increase the size of the muscles. So if you can get more of that, your muscles will grow larger, faster, and with more hardness and definition.

This is actually how steroids work–they increase the amount of free testosterone to inhuman levels. Unfortunately, steroids are also terrible for you and cause serious health problems. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels without putting your health at risk. And it’s probably a good idea to try this, too, as ¼ of adult males have low T levels.

So let’s look at how you can get your levels back to a reasonable level…

Sleep to Improve Fitness

Sleep More

Getting lots of sleep is, by far, a vital way to increase your testosterone production. That’s because your body produces the most testosterone between 4-6 am. So if you’re not in a deep sleep during this time, you’ll miss out on this opportunity.

Get Outside

One of the most critical factors for producing testosterone is vitamin D. Despite its name, vitamin D is not really a vitamin in the traditional sense and instead acts like a ‘master hormone’ to control the release of all others in the body.

So how do you get more vitamin D? Simple: you spend more time outdoors in the sun, stimulating the body to produce more of it. 

Protein Diet

Eat Nutritious Foods

You also need to seek nutritionally dense foods. That means things containing lots of vitamins and minerals naturally, many of which will help support the production of testosterone. Try a multivitamin supplement that can provide similar results.

Also, is that you need to fuel this window of opportunity? How? By consuming fat before bed. That means natural, saturated fat, and no trans fats. This is important because the body makes steroid hormones like testosterone out of cholesterol. That means you must be fuelling the body with that raw material to allow the testosterone to produce as much as possible. Essential sources of saturated fat include whole milk, eggs, or even nuts.

Another nutrient you need to eat a lot of is protein. While hormones tell your body to make muscle, protein is the material your body uses to make muscle. So when building muscle, you should at least eat one gram of protein for every pound of muscle. Also, muscle growth is anabolic and thus requires a calorie surplus. But not too big of a surplus, or you will store fat and not build muscle.

Muscular,Man,Doing,Heavy,Deadlift,Exercise lock

Lift Heavy Weights

Most of the compound lifts cause a natural increase in your testosterone levels. However, the deadlift and squat provide you with the most significant gains. This is because your body responds to the surge of energy it produces to perform the lifts. Not only do your muscles work, but so do your skeletal and nervous systems.

Your nervous generates electricity to make your muscles contract during exercise. The surge in electricity flowing through your body during a powerful lift does not go unnoticed. This is especially so when your muscles cannot repeat the task. The cells in your body talk with each other, and lifting to failure signals to your body that it needs to get more substantial.

Finally, make sure you rest and recover between workouts. You can tell if you are not getting enough rest because of progressive overload. Your lifts should gradually increase. Most people overtrain because they do not understand how the body responds to workouts. The muscles compartmentalize and work in groups, but the nervous system works as one. While a day off gives your chest or legs a break, it does nothing for the nervous system that works during every exercise.

The Last Word On How To Increase Natural Testosterone Levels

You must focus on your diet, workout, sleep, and biological activities to increase natural testosterone levels. Having complete knowledge of the process is essential. While testosterone uses protein to build muscle, it requires fat to increase its levels.

You must workout hard to fire up the right amount of neurons but give your body enough rest so your nervous system can recover and keep up with your muscular system. And don’t forget about sleep and sunlight. They both play a role. The body makes most hormones and other cells during sleep. We would love to hear from you. What has been your experience with increasing natural testosterone levels? Let us know in the comment section below.

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