The Ins and Outs of Maintaining Good Posture

The Ins and Outs of Maintaining Good Posture

Posture is incredibly important to our overall well-being, and yet it’s something we rarely think about. Making a conscious effort to improve our posture can make a difference in how we feel both physically and psychologically and has a huge impact on our short and long-term health.

Good posture is your body’s natural alignment. It’s a state of balance that should feel natural and relaxing. TF Clark Magazine outlines some strategies for keeping your posture and your back strong.

Seek Professional Spine Support

Few professionals give as much weight to correct posture as chiropractors. Keeping your spine properly aligned and supporting your muscular-skeletal health is literally the thing they care about the most. Make an appointment with your local licensed chiropractor and let them help you start standing tall now.

Physical therapists are also great resources because they can help you learn how to strengthen the muscles that support your back. They will also teach you what positions and behaviors to avoid in order to reduce spine trauma.

If you’re having back problems and are struggling with maintaining good posture because of pain, you may have seen several specialists and undergone many tests, procedures, and diagnostics. Your new doctor or specialist will need access to all of those, so keep them in an easy-to-share file, like a PDF.

Engage Your Spine at Work

Posture is usually the first thing to suffer when we’re sedentary, as many of us spend our work day. Our bodies need to be active and engaged, and getting up from our chairs frequently is something we all need to be reminded to do as often as we can.

Reminding yourself to sit straight and tall can take some practice. To help with that, try setting a reminder on your nearby smartphone, like posture reminder apps that periodically remind you to check in on your posture.

Make an investment in ergonomic furniture; your spine, as well as your entire body, will benefit. Your chair should have lumbar support to reduce lower back strain. Make sure it also has seat and back height adjustments as well as tilt movements and locks to prevent leg muscle strain. Avoid couch-based working whenever possible as it is unhealthy for your back and neck. If you run your own business, you may find that office furniture is tax deductible. Look into your options as you select new ergonomic options.

Keeping your devices at the proper height means you’re keeping your body from slouching in order to use them. Rather than stretching in an awkward position to reach the items, files, or devices you regularly use, keep them nearby at arm’s length.

Practice Yoga and Stretch Regularly

Live Science notes that practicing yoga regularly can help improve your posture in several ways. First, it increases muscular strength and flexibility; this helps align the spine and counteract poor postural habits. Additionally, yoga focuses on strengthening core muscles which helps to keep the body upright and balanced. Finally, regular practice of mindful breathing techniques helps you become aware of any imbalances in your posture so they can be corrected.

Sleeping on a Quality Mattress

A high-quality mattress can improve your sleeping posture by helping the spine stay aligned during sleep time. Waking posture is also improved because a mattress for better posture aligns the spine and reduces back and neck pain. Pressure relief, just enough support, and overall comfort are the hallmarks of a quality mattress. Look for a top-rated mattress that also features cooling technology and breathable materials for a great night’s sleep (check this out).

Standing Tall to Improve Your Posture

Body alignment is the most important factor when it comes to good posture. A good way to check your posture is to align your ears, shoulders, and hips into a straight line.

The Round Clinic points out that by standing tall, you’re able to breathe more easily, opening up your diaphragm and allowing you to take in more oxygen. More oxygen means more energy while nourishing the cells in your body, promoting better health. And not only will standing tall improve your posture, it will convey confidence and self-assuredness to yourself and the world.

Cultivate Good Posture

Better posture is something you can manage on your own and, except for cases where physical barriers prevent it, is something you can start doing right this minute. By reminding yourself to stand tall, seeking support from professionals, investing in ergonomic furniture, and practicing yoga, you’ll project an image of power and confidence to the world while improving your overall health and well-being.

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