5 Benefits that Make Golf a Great Exercise

5 Benefits that Make Golf a Great Exercise

Are you curious about the benefits of golf as an exercise? Golf, like soccer, rugby, and dancing, is a physical activity and thus provides those who participate in it with exercise.  And while many people may believe it doesn’t count because it isn’t as physically strenuous as other sports, they would be wrong.  In this article, we’ve listed five benefits that make golf a great exercise choice.

It’s Fantastic for your Heart

Golf courses are often situated on more than 150 acres of land, which means you’ll be covering a great distance as you progress through a round of golf. You’ll probably primarily be walking from where you hit the ball to where it lands, which is an excellent form of cardio without the impact of the running most other sports require.

Walking is a very valuable exercise for cardiovascular fitness, which is great for your heart. It’s measured that a round of golf can mean walking up to eight miles. Even for golf fanatics that use a golf cart, you’ll still be getting in some much-needed exercise with the shorter walks and the playing of the ball. If you make use of a golf cart, you can expect to walk around four miles over the length of an 18-hole round of golf.

You’ll also be enjoying some time in the sun and getting much-needed vitamin D and its health benefits.

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You’re Improving Your Flexibility

Not only will you be improving your cardiovascular fitness, but the swing is also involved in improving your fitness. Hitting the golf ball is great for flexibility, balance, and core stability. Because you’ll want to stand in a perfectly balanced stance, you’re using your core muscles to do so, and any time you use a muscle, you’re strengthening it. The swing itself will improve your flexibility. Remember that you’ll want to get a good stretch before and after your game to prevent injuries – even though they are rare.

You’re Burning Calories

All that walking and exercise means you’re going to burn off some calories. While you might quickly add those calories back with a few beers at the 19th hole, if you’re trying to drop a bit of weight and get healthier, golf is an excellent way to do so, and it doesn’t feel like exercise since you’ll be having a great time chatting and enjoying the game.

Injuries Are Rare

Golf is a very low-risk game compared to many other sports, and serious injuries are rare. Of course, no sport has zero risk of picking up an injury, but the injuries you’ll get from playing golf are minor and usually limited to strained muscles, light sprains, and a case of a golfer’s elbow. There are also many ways you can avoid these injuries with a proper warm-up routine and correct technique.

It’s a Social Game

When we think about golf and how good it is for us, we often think only about the physical and fitness benefits of playing the game. We don’t often consider how great it is for our mental health and well-being and how much of a social game it is.

Golf is usually played in pairs or groups of four, which means you’re spending your day with other people, whether they’re friends or meeting them for the first time. This social aspect and the time you’re spending outdoors are wonderfully positive for our mental well-being, particularly as these opportunities for social engagement aren’t as frequent as we get older.

The Last Word on the Benefits that Make Golf a Great Exercise.

You should take any reason to get up and out into nature you can get, and a good round of golf is about as good as it gets. You’re ticking off not only your cardiovascular and flexibility exercises but also enjoying time with friends and making new friends while enjoying the game you love. With so many benefits, there’s no excuse to pick up a set of clubs and head out onto the golf course.

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