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Workout Program – How to Build a More Powerful Muscular Back

best workout programs for the back

What is the best workout program for the back? When working out, many people make a common mistake of only focusing on abs, biceps, shoulders, and pecs; however, they ignore legs and back workouts entirely. But the critical point is, for an athletic back, you must follow a proper back workout. Therefore, we will explain the best back workouts in this article.

Best Workout Program for the Back

Here are the best workout programs for the back.

First Workout

This section will explain the best workout for the back, which you should try one to two times a week.

●     Conventional Deadlift

It is an excellent compound workout that targets your entire back from top to bottom. It can develop and strengthen your posterior chain efficiently. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands outside the knees. Next, bend down and pick up the weights with an overhead grip. The best exercise in the world for a big strong back requires you to pick up weight and put it back down.

●     Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

This exercise is a little challenging to perform, but it can work your entire back and biceps. Grab the bar with your hands. The type of grip determines the kind of lift (underhand grip is a chin-up, and an overhand grip is a pull-up). Once you grip the bar, pull yourself up slowly, and maintain control. Pull-ups work the lower traps, whereas chin-ups work the pecs and biceps. You need to include Pull-Ups in your workout program for the back because it is a compound exercise.

●     Lat Pull-down

As shown by its name, lat pull-down works your lats; therefore, it should be an essential part of your back workout. Grasp the bar widely and retract your shoulder blades. Pull down the bar in front of your upper chest.

●     Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Next is the bent-over dumbbell row for building your back by hitting your lats, traps, and rhomboids. Bend to 45-degrees while holding dumbbells. Pull the weight to your chest while exhaling. Then lower weight while exhaling to the starting point. Make sure to control the weight from start to finish of each set.

Exercises Sets Reps
Conventional deadlifts 3-4 8-10
Chin-ups & pull-ups 3-4 8-10
Lat pull-down 2-3 10-12
Bent-over dumbbell row 3-4 8-10

Second Workout

This workout program is divided into two supersets for your ease in performing all the exercises with rest in between. It is always better to do a warm-up before a workout to increase your flexibility. I prefer pushups and planks to warm up my upper body because they are bodyweight exercises that I can easily control.

Superset 1

It includes:

●     1A Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for strengthening your back. We have already mentioned it in the first workout program for the back, and it is also a part of the second workout.

●     1B Hammer-Grip Pull-Up

Hang on the bar while your hands are shoulder-width apart. Tighten your core and pull your chin up and over the bar. Hold this position for a second and go back to the starting point. The Hammer grip is a must exercise to include in a workout program for the back. You can feel every muscle in your back with each pull.

Superset 2

It includes:

●     2A Prone Dumbbell Row

This exercise is also a part of the workout one as it hits the mid-back muscles.

●     2B Prone Dumbbell Flye

It can hit the upper back as well as the back of your shoulders. Lie on the bench with your chest down and hold the dumbbells. Bend your elbows and raise the weight to shoulder height. Then slowly go back to your starting position.

Exercises Sets Reps
Pull-ups 5 8-10
Hammer-grip pull-ups 5 8-10
Dumbbell row 4 8-10
Dumbbell fly 4 12-15


Have you noticed that every back exercise involves a pull? The key to any workout, including the best workout program for the back, is progressive overloads that target the specific muscle group. Having a strong back is part of an athletic body. We have mentioned two of the best workouts for the back. You can try these once or twice a week for a more muscular back.




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