Aging Gracefully - 7 Things to Improve Health and Fitness

Aging Gracefully – 7 Things to Improve Your Health and Fitness

Are you aging gracefully? This article will discuss seven things to help senior citizens improve their health and fitness. Staying fit and active is essential for everyone, regardless of age. It improves life and quality of health as you age. Optimum fitness is critical for seniors as it helps slow down signs of aging, improve metabolism, and prevent the onset of many diseases.

Many seniors, however, stay away from exercise because of various challenges like fear of falling, mobility issues, chronic health problems, and many others. However, one need not be agile and energetic at a senior age before enjoying some fitness activity.

Exercise can add to your overall life expectancy and upgrade your life for seniors. In addition, staying active while aging gracefully can improve your sense of independence as your age and reduce the onset of various age-related illnesses like diabetes, further reducing emergency visits to the health provider.

Optimum exercise for seniors will cause many health benefits, some of which are:

  • Reduced risk of cognitive problems like dementia, memory loss, and other health issues
  • Better mood and stress reduction
  • Improved sleep quality helps focus and results in optimum energy levels for the day.
  • Upgraded metabolism
  • Increased balance and mobility can help avoid injury and fall
  • The upgraded immune system reduces the tendency of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure

With the foundation of the benefits of optimum exercise for seniors, here are seven tips to guide you towards optimum fitness for seniors:

1. Lift Light Weights Only

While aging gracefully, you are not trying to impress anyone. The tendency for injury also increases at this age. As a result, seniors only need to stick to light weights.

When you desire to preserve the quality of your life as your age, boosting muscle strength is a terrific idea. However, it makes sense to start with ultra-lightweights, not more than two pounds, especially if you have no prior experience lifting weight.

With time, increase the weight provided you are comfortable with it. Water bottles, sealed cans, etc., are alternatives for consequences if lifting them proves problematic.

2. Consider dancing

Another fun exercise that seniors can consider is dancing. It is a whole-body exercise that engages the entire muscle and bones. It is suitable for the heart and can increase your strength, helping with coordination and balance.

Simply learning and remembering your dance steps engages the brain, which reduces the risk of dementia. In addition, dancing keeps the heart active and burns calories. Most absorbent adult diapers will help with this for adults with incontinence issues.

3. Don’t Sit for Too Long

A sedentary lifestyle is bad for you at any age, especially when aging gracefully. It increases the risk of dementia, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other dangerous conditions. Many essential body parts also do not get enough oxygen supply. Overall, it is terrible for your mental health as well.

Have a timer to remind you to take frequent breaks from sitting. Consider doing whatever you are doing while standing, stroll around your compound, or walk your dog. The idea is to avoid anything that induces a sedentary lifestyle.

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4. Protect Your Skin to age gracefully

Sun exposure is good while aging gracefully, especially early morning sun, since it presents a way to get exposed to natural vitamin D. However, one needs to be careful as UV rays also increase the risk of skin cancer. According to experts, the average age of diagnosis with skin cancer is 63.

Since almost all seniors are at risk, it is essential to observe critical guidelines to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. If you have outdoor exercise, use sunscreen with SPF protection. In addition, consider using hats, long clothing, and other protective accessories as you do your fitness activities.

5. Proceed Slowly

Few people have lived a life of optimum fitness during their prime age. While it is not too late to start as you age gracefully, one needs to ease into it. In other words, don’t overexert yourself at first. Start with short walks for a week, brisk walking next week, and jogging the following week.

The idea is to escalate the intensity and move at a pace your body is comfortable with. This will prevent any feeling of discouragement. Taking it slow will also reduce injury, as it could take time for the body to get used to some movement.

Ensure to take it slow, focus on movements, listen to your body, and contact a fitness instructor for safety tips

6. Make it Social

For your workout to be effective as a senior, a partner can help a lot. Such can keep you motivated and accountable and make the entire workout fun. In addition, the competition can be friendly, and the interaction benefits your mental health.

Potential partners could be family members, fellow seniors, etc. Also, consider checking the local gym or fitness centers for group fitness classes for people who do not have readily available fitness partners. Many offer group and structured exercises for seniors, which could be fun.

7. Consider Optimum Hydration

As adults age, their fluid intake reduces, and their sense of thirst is because of changes in the body. Staying hydrated is, however, necessary, especially when participating in physical activities.

As a result, consider having a water bottle with you as you work out. This will help replenish fluid lost via sweat. Also, concentrate on fruits and veggies that fill the body’s water level, like watermelon, spinach, cucumber, etc.

The last word on aging gracefully

Staying fit while aging gracefully is essential for health and fitness. Adults need to stick to critical tips to have an effective workout as they advance in age. Here are simple and effective workout tips to improve fitness and keep your muscles active even as you age gracefully.

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