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Author: Sophia

  • Pain Relief: Follow These Tips for Better Results

    What are some of the best tips to follow for pain relief? Pain is our body’s immediate response to injury or inflammation. During injury, the nerve cells in our body release chemicals that signal our brain that something is wrong with the body. Our brain then registers this sensation and prevents a quick, appropriate response […]

  • Perfect Workout Partner – 7 Reasons Dogs Can Improve a Workout

    Finding the perfect workout partner is never a walk in the park. First, you team up with your sibling and hit the tracks for a week. But then a slight misunderstanding stirs up rivalries, eventually causing them to abandon you for another sibling. Undaunted, you successfully convince your best friend or coworker to become your […]

  • CBD – Why Are Some Athletes Turning To This Cannabinoid?

    Why are some athletes turning to CBD? Of late, CBD has been earning attention in another area: It may offer targeted benefits to athletes hoping to recover from regular workouts, heal nagging wounds and even increase endurance. However, a cannabis herb product like CBD for enhancing athletic performance and post-workout healing? It might not be […]

  • Aging Gracefully – 7 Things to Improve Health and Fitness

    Are you aging gracefully? We will discuss seven things to help senior citizens improve their health and fitness in this article. Staying fit and active is pretty essential for everyone, no matter the age. It improves life and quality of health as you age. Optimum fitness is critical for seniors as it helps slow down […]

  • Recovery Hacks – The 6 Best to Get Ready for Training

    What are some of the best recovery hacks you can use to repair your body and get you ready for your next training session? Whether your training session entails–lifting weight, swimming, cycling, or brisk walking, it leaves the body severely stressed. This might trigger sore muscles and other discomforts, which eventually help change the body. […]