Perfect Workout Partner - 7 Reasons Dogs Can Improve a Workout

Perfect Workout Partner – 7 Reasons Dogs Can Improve Your Workout

Finding the perfect workout partner is never a walk in the park. First, you team up with your sibling and hit the tracks for a week. But then a slight misunderstanding stirs up rivalries, eventually causing them to abandon you for another sibling.

Undaunted, you successfully convince your best friend or coworker to become your next fitness partner. Things seem to work fine for the first few weeks, only for them to move to a different city. Unfortunately, these constant frustrations can greatly blow your workout routines and derail your overall fitness goals.

However, finding a perfect workout buddy isn’t as hard as most people would want to believe. Your ideal workout friend could be closer to you than you think. If you’re a proud dog owner, you probably already know that your canine friend requires regular exercise. But did you know that your pooch can also make an ideal workout companion?

This post explores the seven reasons dogs are considered the perfect workout partners.

Dogs Require Exercise Too

According to most vets, dogs should receive at least thirty minutes of vigorous exercise every day for at least three days a week.

Regular workouts could benefit your dog in various ways.

Exercise lowers the risks of obesity and other chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. Exercising your dog regularly, coupled with rubber dog toys and other interactive toys, might also help to strengthen the animal’s muscles and joints. That could go a long way in reducing the risks of physical injuries and diseases that manifest in muscle or bone degeneration, such as osteoarthritis.

Last but not least, regular exercise might help avert separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is an anxiety disorder that affects dogs who spend much of their time alone without sufficient means for stimulation. Note that exercise induces the release of endorphins, neurotransmitters known to counter the effects of the stress hormone cortisol.

Dogs Are Incredibly Active

Not only do dogs require regular workouts. Dogs love working out! As a result, dogs are considered the most active pets and a perfect workout partner.

You might have realized that your canine friend spends most of his waking hours playing, hunting, and prowling. That’s due to the incredible amounts of energy within him.

Why not harness that energy into something more useful, like having your dog train with you? Since the dog is active and energetic, you can be sure he won’t get exhausted mid-workouts.

Dogs Can Never Disappoint You

We began by painting scenarios where your training partners can leave you stranded for one reason.

It’s reassuring to note that your canine friend would never fail to show up for your workouts. The animal will always be there, ready to join you on the tracks as soon as you ask him to.

The dog might even remind you of workout time. That’s especially if you’ve already established a routine whereby you exercise at specific times.

It Prevents Mischief

Can you recall a time when you left your dog alone, only to find that he has gotten into some mischief like biting other pets or chewing your furniture?

Even if this has never happened to you, rest assured that the risks remain as long as you don’t train with your dog. Also, you may miss out on the perfect workout partner by not training with your dog.

Dogs can get into all manner of mischief. That’s especially if they’re left alone and without sufficient provisions to release their pent-up energy.

It Helps the Dog Explore New Adventures

When owners confine their dogs within their compounds, they miss a chance to explore the world. Such dogs will never know how the city streets look or how fresh the morning air feels when exploring the woods.

Fortunately, you can help your pooch experience these amazing adventures by asking him to join you on your early-morning runs.

The new experiences may stimulate the dog or motivate him to look forward to another workout day and provide you with the perfect workout partner.

It Helps Socialize the Dog

You need to socialize and train your dog. A well-socialized dog will not bark without a reasonable cause. The dog will also be more polite to and receptive to new additions to the family.

One way to socialize your pup is by getting him to work out with you.

As you hit the road every morning, your dog will interact freely (read under your supervision) with people and other neighborhood dogs. These interactions will help him deal gently with strangers or stray pets.

Dogs Can Match Your Speed

Most dogs walk at about 15 – 17-minute per mile pace. Fortunately, this also happens to be the best walking speed for humans to stay healthy, making dogs the perfect workout partner.

In other words, there’s a lot to gain for the both of you by just taking your dog for a walk, even if it’s not an actual workout.

Better yet, your dog will try to match your speed when you begin to run. His desire to stick by your side will see him run as close to you as possible.

Here is our last word on how your dog can be the perfect workout partner for you.

There are numerous reasons to include your dog in your training sessions. However, as a parting shot, remember to familiarize yourself with expert dog training guidelines before exercising with your pup. That way, you’ll understand crucial things like a dog’s energy levels so that you can factor these aspects into your workout program.

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