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Crab Walk Exercise – Use This Move To Improve Your Overall Strength

Crab Walk Exercise – Use This Move To Improve Your Overall Strength

Crab walk exercise is a super-intense, core, and full-body exercise in which your weight is the resistance. You will get to burn fat and tone the shoulders, arms, back, abdomen, hamstrings, and quadrilateral muscles of your body. You may feel a little awkward when you first try this movement. This is because it makes you move in a crab-like motion, thus the name. Therefore, you will need to familiarize yourself with it first. You can practice and follow some tips of the crab walk exercise in this article. You will get to know why it is among the best strengthening exercises.

Let’s see the basics of the crab walk exercise.

How to Perform the Crab Walk Exercise?

  1. Sit on the ground. Your feet need to be at a hip distance apart right forward to you. Your arms need to be behind the back. Also, the fingers need to face the buttocks.
  2. Lift your buttocks off the ground and then tighten the ab muscles.
  3. Start in a walking position as you move the left hand with the right foot in the future. Then, your right hand should proceed with your left foot. You will need to walk multiple steps considering the space you have and then move in reverse. Repeat the process several times to gain benefit.

Here are some tips that will help you perform the crab walk exercise in the best way.

  • Keep the hands on the ground behind your buttock, your feet apart, and the abs in an engaging position for securing your back.
  • You can perform the movement at different speeds to find the pace that fits you perfectly.
  • Don’t allow your feet to move too fast, as doing so may cause injury.

Muscles Worked 

Crab walk exercise works the muscles of the shoulders, core, and legs. These include triceps, ab muscles, and the quadrilateral muscles. Therefore, it corresponds to a full-body workout exercise that targets various muscle groups at one time. This enables you to get many benefits at once.

Moves such as the crab walk exercise don’t need any additional exercise equipment. Instead, you use your body weight as resistance.

Physical Skills it Improves.

Crab walk exercise improves several unique skills, which include an improvement in body coordination. Also, the body becomes more agile, especially the core and the upper body. You can try the benefits of a crab walk exercise today.

You wouldn’t get the accurate calorie number you can burn in a day. This is because the number of calories different people burn varies at different rates. For example, an average person burns around 100 calories from a crab walk exercise in 10 minutes on an intense level. This means you will burn ten calories in one minute. However, only those who can take up an intermediate level exercise intensity should continue for 10 minutes.


Crab walk exercise also helps to stabilize the body and improve balance. This is because your body is continuously shifting weight between your hands and feet. Body balance becomes a critical element for different life activities with age to prevent falling and enhance athletic performance.

Upper Body Strength

Crab walk exercise helps to improve your upper body strength. This is because you use your hands to stabilize your body weight against gravity. This helps tone the arm muscles, especially for the triceps. Doing the crab walk exercise repetitively will work the arms and help you gain upper body strength.


In crab walk exercise, you keep your core in engagement. This will help you sculpt a lean, firm stomach. You might want to do crunches all day, but it is essential to do various exercises that help stabilize your core.

Cardiac Strength

Crab walk exercise helps to boost your metabolism and improve your heartbeat. This is because this exercise involves moving fast, and you have to support your body. Increasing your heart rate with cardiovascular exercise is among the things you can do for training the body and staying healthy.

Coordination and Focus

Doing crab walk exercises requires your complete focus and concentration as you repeatedly transfer your body weight between your hands and feet. Use different body slides as quickly as you can. This helps to improve your coordination and agility. Also, it enhances your mental focus as you do the exercise.

Mistakes of Crab Walk Exercise

Some mistakes that can disturb your progress for crab walk exercise include:

In the movement, you need to make sure your arms stay straight as much as they can. For example, if your elbows are bent and you step forward this way, it will strain your shoulders. This is because they cannot stabilize your body weight properly.

Another mistake is to keep all of your feet on the ground as you do the crab walk exercise. It can reduce the benefits that come with doing this exercise. When you perform a crab walk exercise, you need to make sure that your foot remains in the air. Most of the weight should be in the heels. It will ensure that your glutes are active and your hips are stable as you perform this exercise.

Some people take too big steps in the exercise. It might be suitable to do when you are doing the movement in a confined space where you have ample support. However, this is not good to do otherwise. Instead, try taking small steps using your feet and hands. It will help you add more ability to the stability of your body. This will also help you stay free from injury in the exercise.

Also, make sure not to put too much of your weight on your hands. This can cause your wrists to get sore. Make sure your weight stays in a balance. When you feel pain, you need to stretch and take a pause.

Variations and Alternatives to the Crab Walk Exercise

Some variations and alternatives of the exercise include:

Banded Crab Walk

You can add a resistance band in the legs, above the knees. This will help you get more burn in your body, especially your hip muscles. Before initiating the glute crab walk modification, you need to add some tension to the band as you push your knees out. You need to elevate your hips and maintain the band tension as you take backward and forward steps.

Triceps Dips

This variation is one of the most common practical exercises for bodyweight, which targets the triceps. The exercise helps to strengthen the arms and reduces the fat present on the back of the arms. A simple lowering of the weight or raising will engage your deltoids and triceps. This will cause tighter muscles and more strength.

Bend your knees and feet on the ground. Place the hands behind yourself underneath the shoulders. Place your fingers face down underneath your hips. Also, lift your buttocks to a hover position. Bend your elbows straight back. Use the triceps for pressing back up.

Dips and Kicks

It is a challenging reverse push-up. Also, it is a full-body workout as it also works your upper back, shoulders, and triceps. It also helps to target the quadrilateral muscles and the quadrilateral muscles. Also, this exercise is perfect for intermediate-level trainers. However, it is more challenging, and you don’t need any equipment to do it. First, sit on the ground with your feet at a hip-distance apart. Now, bring the arms backward, and your hands need to be flat on the floor.

Lift your body off the ground and squeeze the glutes and the abs. This will make sure your body stays lifted. Now, you need to bend your elbows as you kick the right foot in the air until the leg gets in the straight position. Then, you need to go back to the start and repeat the movement of the switching legs.

Three-Point Push-up

This variation of the crab walk exercise targets your upper body, core, and legs. These muscles include the arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs, and lower back. Also, it enhances your body balance. You need to make sure that you practice a regular kneeling push-up. This will make sure your body stays in excellent form.

  • For performing this variation, you need to follow these steps:
  • Start as you kneel on all fours and then lift your left legs backward.
  • Hold the leg straight in the back position when you bend the arms for lowering yourself in low push-up status. Now, you need to make your arms straight and press up to the initial position. Then, repeat the process and keep switching your legs.

These are some things you need to know about the crab walk exercise.

“Being healthy and fit is not a fad or a trend; it’s a lifestyle.”

Additional alternative exercises you can perform in place of the crab walk exercise.

Here is a list of different alternative exercises that you can also do in place of the crab walk exercise. The list is given below:

  • Burpee
  • Ab Crunches
  • Superman Exercise
  • Flamingo
  • Barbell Deadlift
  • In and Our Abs
  • Scorpion
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Downward Dog

The last word on the crab walk exercise

 In a nutshell, to close the debate, we can say that crab walk exercise is essential for your body. There are many crab walk exercise advantages, as discussed in the crab walk exercise description. Every workout is unique and outstanding, as long as you are doing it in the right way. There are seven golden steps to perform the crab walk exercise in a good way. These steps are effectively depicted above.

Many people search for different crab walk exercise questions, and one of the most famous questions is how many calories this exercise burn? The estimated calorie burn rate is 100 calories per 10 minutes. There are different variations of this exercise, and you can opt for any as per your body’s need and choice.

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