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Pushups – How to Do a Complete Upper Body Workout in One Move

Perfect Push-ups Home Workout

Pushups are long-valued exercises for building the shoulder, chest, and upper back muscles. However, when you perform pushups correctly, they can have a tremendous impact on the lower abdomen. As ever, doing these exercises correctly is essential for optimizing their benefits and avoiding injury. Following is everything you need to know about pushups, how to use them to get a complete upper body workout.

One of the significant problems with a poorly performed push-up is that it puts an incredible amount of strain on the lower back and spine.

Thus, if you are severely overweight or have not worked out in quite some time, start with a changed version. Then, as your abdominal strength builds and your form improves, you can move on to more advanced positioning and movement.

Always start by assuming a good plank position. After all, a push-up is simply a moving plank. If performed correctly, you will maintain your plank throughout the movement while simply shortening the distance between your stretched-out body and the floor.

To achieve a plank, lay flat on your stomach with your legs extended. Then, place your hands on the floor on each side of your body and use your toes to push up into an elevated position.

Once you achieve, your spine should be straight, and your hips shouldn’t sag down towards the floor. Also, you should fully engage lower abdominal muscles. If holding a plank hurts your lower back, correct your posture and try again. A plank on its own can be good for building many of the same muscles that you’ll be targeting when doing pushups.

Once you have mastered the plank, slowly bend your elbows to lower your body closer to the floor. Ensure that your posture does not change and that your abs remain fully engaged throughout the movement. When you are just two to three inches from the floor, reverse the direction and push yourself back up into the upright plank position. Repeat this movement for a complete set of ten. Try to perform as many sets as you can without losing excellent form.

To condition your chest, place your hands closer together. When your hands are so close that they almost touch, you will feel your outer arms and inner chest muscles doing most of the work on the push-ups.

To work your upper back, place your hands further apart. This method will create an impressive back definition.

You can make this more challenging by crunching one knee into the chest at the top of the movement. Also, you can clap your hands together at the top of the movement. Finally, for those starting at beginner fitness levels, perform the plank with bent knees positioned on the floor. The upper torso should be completely straight with this changed version, and the lower core muscles fully engaged.

Breathe in when lowering your body to the floor and breathe out when pushing back to your starting point. Slow, controlled movements and slow, steady breathing will help you get the best results. Again, performing a few sets and repetitions with excellent form is better than performing many sets with poor posture and incorrect positioning.

Last word on how to use pushups to complete an upper body workout in one move.

You should include pushups in your workout. They provide you with an excellent compound bodyweight exercise that can compliment squats, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press without the pressure on the joints. Also, you can perform them in the comfort of your home, HIIT workout, or use them to warm up or cool down after a workout.

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