Spice Cooking – How to Add Nutritional Value to Food

Spice Cooking – How to Add Nutritional Value to Your Food

How do you add nutritional value to your food with spice cooking? Every food you love is incomplete without spices, and you can’t have the taste you are craving. Herbs and spices are taste enhancers of any dish. They add nutritional value to the food and create a savory aroma that encourages you to eat the right foods.

Other than adding aroma and taste to the food, spices also help to prevent several diseases. We all add some necessary spices to the food, and without them, any spice cooking is incomplete. This article will provide things about the nutritional value of different spices and how they make food beneficial and delicious.

Why is spice cooking important?

Spices are just not responsible for delivering a spicy aroma to the food but enhance healthy nutritional value. According to the research, spices are helpful for cancer prevention, reduce inflammation and lower down blood sugar. In addition, nature loaded some spices with antioxidants and appetite suppressants. Spices give a bold look to your food and are a great way to add nutrition to any of your favorite dishes. None of us can deny the importance of spices, and without them, we can’t taste our food. Let’s get into the nutritional details of essential spices and why they should always be a part of your spice cooking.


Saffron has a distinct taste, and it adds a luxurious look to the dish when you want an enhanced flavor. The spice originated from Greece, and because of the impressive health benefits, people like to add it to food. We know saffron as one of the expensive spices in the world because of its intensive harvest and hefty production. Spice cooking can boost mood, digestive system and improve memory. It’s an earthy spice and has a sweet, floral taste that makes your dish luxurious.

It’s a powerful anti-oxidant spice and can save you from constant stress to perform better. This spice is excellent at eliminating feelings of depression. Also, it fights against cancer. If you are on a diet, it will control your appetite and reduce your weight effectively. Saffron is also essential in reducing heart disease risk, and above all, it also improves memory in Alzheimer’s patients. The real saffron tastes sweet, while if you are finding it bitter, it must be fake.


Paprika is one of the essential spices when you love spice cooking, and it is red. The taste may vary from mild to hot, and it’s recommended for stews or rice. Paprika is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and comes from the plant Capsicum Annum. Nature packed this spice with nutrients to help with cancer prevention and fulfill the daily need for vitamin A. In addition, it promotes healthy vision and is effective for reducing inflammation. If fighting auto-immune disease, then use this spice in your food.

Because of the hot temper of this spice, it helps to reduce cholesterol levels. In addition, it blocks the cancer cells’ growth in the body because of carotenoids and capsaicin compounds. It’s a great spice to use when you want to manage diabetes naturally, and it is rich in vitamin E to promote healthy blood. You can use it for seasoning and hot spicy foods to enhance the taste.


Oregano is more towards the herb side as compared to other spices. We also know it as Spanish thyme, and people use it as an aromatic element in their food. However, it tastes bitter, and cooks usually use it as a seasoning in a limited quantity to make food look luxurious. In old times, people used to consume oregano for treating different diseases such as asthma, cramping, diarrhea, cold, indigestion, and skin sores. According to researchers, there is evidence of using oregano to fight bacteria, reducing inflammation, and regulate blood sugar.

Oregano has antibacterial properties and can play a massive role in strengthening the immune system. It’s a substantial source of fulfilling Vitamin K, vitamin E, fiber, manganese, iron, calcium, and tryptophan. Oregano is the best spice for seasoning and baked bread, legumes, and vegetable dishes. It’s intense in taste, and you may find the tongue numb after eating it.


Rosemary is a shrub, and it’s common all over the world while spice cooking for seasoning. People often take it with tea to make it aromatic and as a taste enhancer. Rosemary has a wide variety of nutrients that are essential for health. Rosemary is a great herb to use when you want to strengthen your immune system naturally without consuming medicines. Add this herb to your diet, and you will witness changes in your body.

Rosemary is a significant source of consuming magnesium, potassium, copper, and Vitamin B6 to fulfill body requirements. We also know it as a cognitive stimulant that can boost your performance, focus, and intelligence.

How can spice cooking help you reach your goals?

Spice Cooking is the most effective way to reduce stress and clear your mind. Preparing something is not a physical challenge but a mental challenge because you have to focus on the best results. Spice Cooking ignites healthy eating habits and keeps your focus on one thing at a time. Preparing food teaches you to be mindful of your diet – nutrients, calories, health, and fitness.

Spice cooking helps to increase focus and creativity. Preparing food is one of the best habits to adopt when you want to reach your health and fitness goals. It gets you on your feet and helps you live an active lifestyle. The World Health Organization found that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of diseases and obesity. Spice cooking also lowers your anxiety levels, and when you are tired, spice cooking will keep you relax because of the therapeutic aroma of spices all around you.

Final Thoughts

Whenever we want to create deep flavors in our cooking, we always add rich spices to balance the food. Spices not only create flavor but add nutritional value to our diet. Herbs and spices help fight inflammation and lower cholesterol by enhancing our immunity. Whether seasoning or adding spices while cooking, it can make your food exceptional and provide many health benefits to you and your family.

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