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Chest Development – How to Train You Chest In Two Steps

how to develop a massive chest

Would you like to develop a massive chest that will impress everyone who sees it? The major muscle in your chest is the pectoralis major or pecs for short. The pectoralis major is one of the largest and most powerful muscles in your upper body. For building a massive chest, there are a few fundamental principles that you can use to increase your growth:

Use Free Weights – Machines cannot develop a massive chest. Free weights (barbells and dumbbells)  produce better all-around muscle gains. Unless your gym severely restricts free weights, always opt for using free weights. Free weights force you to perform the exercise correctly and naturally, and that is the intention.

1. Lift Heavy

It has been proven that lifting heavy weights with fairly low reps is far more effective at developing a massive chest. The results prove that lifting heavy weights with fairly low reps is far more effective at developing a massive chest than lighter weights with more reps. Next time you are about to perform bench presses, load the bar with plates that only allow you to complete between 6 and 10 repetitions – and use a spotter!

Train Your Upper Chest – The upper “half” of your pectoralis major makes up 40% of the total muscle. If you are only performing flat bench presses and flat bench flyes, you ignore your upper chest and potentially lose up to 40% of your gains. Performing incline bench presses are a fantastic way to hit your upper chest hard. Leading to…

Change the Angle of The Bench – When performing bench presses, alter your elbow angle by moving your hands along various bar positions. While balance is important, use a solid grip until you are comfortable too close or too wide. Altering the angle will also develop different sections of the chest muscles. Your goal should develop mass in all areas to give a more defined and well-rounded appearance.

2. Add Cross Chest Exercises To Develop Your Chest

To develop all-around and massive chest muscle gain, incorporate cross presses into your workout. These are exercises that involve pulling either dumbbells or weighted cables across your chest from one side to the other. Keep your arms at a 30-degree angle to get maximum benefit.

Short and Intense – Keep your workouts short and intense. Studies have shown that overtraining can occur in as little as 30-45 minutes. Your body can reach a catabolic state after around 45 minutes of high-intensity exercise without nutrition. Keep your workouts to around 35-45 minutes and keep the intensity (and weights) as high as possible.

Add Weight Every Workout – Adding a small amount of weight to each of your chest exercises during every workout session will ensure you develop a massive chest for a long time. Even if it is just a measly 2.5 pounds to your bench press once a week, it is hard not to make progress when constant gains in strength force your body to respond.