Skater Exercise - How to Perform this Exercise for the Best Results

Skater Exercise – How to Perform this Exercise for the Best Results

Skater exercise is a cardio exercise in which you do a lateral jump. It aims to increase your heart rate, strengthen your legs, improve your stability, and enhance your balance. In addition, you can maintain your glutes and quads that way.

However, a significant advantage of this move is strengthening your medial glute, which is your outer thigh. It will also improve knee strength. Also, the skater exercise provides constant movement when you alter your feet’ positions back and forth.

How to Perform Skater’s Exercise?

You can perform the skater exercise with the following steps:

  1. Start with your legs around a shoulder distance apart. Your arms must be at your sides.
  2. Bring a leg behind with a bit of angle in a reverse lunge. Your knee at the front will come to a 90-degree angle.
  3. Swing your arms with your bent knee and leap your back leg in front to alter sides in skating movement. The arms alternate when you switch your sides.

Muscles It Works

Skater exercise is typically helpful for strengthening your outer thigh, glutes, and core. Also, it improves your cardiovascular health by increasing the heart rate and providing endurance to the whole body. As a result, you can perform strenuous exercises and activities with a more robust cardiovascular system. Also, you don’t run out of breath quickly.

The outer thighs can get weak when you ignore them. These muscles are critical in improving your balance and stability for walking and running. Also, the glutes and the pelvic core can get better strength as you include this exercise in your routine.

Physical Skill It Improves

Skater exercise helps improve your running skills by strengthening your glutes and outer thighs. Also, it provides better balancing and stability to the core, which allows you to run smoothly for a long time. Professional athletes, football, and basketball players find it helpful to increase strength and stability in the lower limbs. In addition, people who complain of weak lower limbs can take the help of this exercise to gain more power in their legs.

People who do balancing activities such as rope walking, skiing, skating, and bicycling can include this exercise in their routine. It helps to improve the overall stability of the body. It engages the core but also helps to strengthen the lower limb muscles. People who do swimming can also take the help of this exercise to get a more stable and more robust pelvic core.

Incorrect Ways to Perform

Skater exercise requires the correct form to give excellent benefits. If you don’t perform this activity correctly, it may lead to a delay in results. Some mistakes can also land you injuries and sprains of your lower limb. Some of the common errors in doing this exercise include the following:

Taking small jumps from one side to another is an effective way of doing skater exercises. It would be best if you jumped as far as possible; that will help you gain momentum for the activity. Also, it will call for a more significant challenge that helps build your muscles properly. It would be best if you went as explosive as possible since this exercise is plyometric. With more rapidness and explosiveness, you will benefit more quickly from the practice.

It would be best if you used your arms to help you propel from one side to another. Also, this will help to improve your balance and rotational power. In addition, your arms will act as a counterbalancing force to your lower limbs, keeping the exercise smooth.

One mistake also includes not driving the jumping leg behind the other leg. Instead, you must ensure that the back leg gets behind the front-facing leg in all exercise variations. Also, this will ensure that you are not taking leaps or shuffling from one side to another.

Modifications to Exercise

Skater exercise also comes with several modifications, some of which include:

1. Globe Jumps

  1. First, you must stand straight and keep your feet around shoulder distance apart.
  2. Keep the arms hanging down at the sides.
  3. Bend your legs and touch the ground in between them
  4. Invert your movement as you stretch your legs and push off the ground
  5. Jump high and far, then land on your feet with bent legs
  6. Repeat the motion, taking no pauses,
  7. Jump back and forth and follow a fictive type of quad

2. Jumping jacks

  1. First, you must stand straight and keep your feet around shoulder distance apart.
  2. Keep the arms hanging down at the sides
  3. Tilt your upper body forward and bend your knees
  4. Move your arms backward
  5. Push your hips backward, and don’t let your knees protrude; your toes,
  6. Swing the arms to the front as you push yourself and jump on the front side
  7. Land on your feet, keeping your balls as the base
  8. Bend your knees as you land, and jump again in an inverted position
  9. Do four jumps to complete one round

3. Star Jumps

  1. First, you must stand straight and keep your feet around shoulder distance apart.
  2. Keep the arms hanging down at the sides.
  3. Make your thighs parallel to the ground as you bend your knees
  4. Push your hips backward
  5. Touch the lateral sides of your feet using your hands
  6. Stretch your legs and push off the ground as much as you can
  7. Jump to a high point and guide your arms up towards a bow shape, moving your legs to the side
  8. When coming down, bring down your arms and legs to the initial position
  9. Land on your feet as you keep your knees bending
  10. Repeat the motion several times

Last Word on the Skater Exercise

The Skater exercise is excellent for increasing cardiovascular activity and strengthening hip and outer thigh muscles. However, you need to take care of the form of the movement to get maximum results. If you or someone you know is looking to improve your health, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about self-care.

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