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Category: Abs – How to Create a Killer Six Pack Stomach

  • Superman Exercise – Target Core, Butt, and Hamstrings

    How do you perform the superman exercise? If you’re looking for a single activity to target your lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and abs, then the superman exercise is for you! However, because it has so many variations, all fitness levels can engage in this technique and benefit from stretching, strengthening, and conditioning. In this guide, […]

  • Bird Dog Exercise – How to Build a Strong Core

    Do you want to have a strong core? If your answer is yes, focus on the bird dog exercise to strengthen your body. Also, this includes the bird dog, a core strengthening exercise focusing on the abdominal area and the back muscles. We call this exercise the bird dog because it resembles a bird dog […]

  • Good Morning Exercise – How to Perform for Optimum Results

    How do you perform the good morning exercise safely? Several weight-bearing exercises can both build muscle and improve your balance. If you do them correctly, you’ll be engaging your core, improving your posture, and gaining a better awareness of your entire body. This is certainly the case with the good morning exercise. This activity has […]

  • Dead Bug Exercise – Safely Strengthen The Core

    What is the dead bug exercise? Unfortunately, finding an effective abdominal workout that doesn’t place tremendous strain on your shoulders or neck and that actually engages your core muscles is challenging. So if you’ve recently heard of the dead bug exercise – how to perform it safely and with maximum benefits is probably a concern. […]

  • Mixed Approach: Use a Variety of Exercise to Create a Six Pack

    What are the best stomach exercises used to lose belly fat? The lower abdomen is one of the most common trouble zones on the body. People of all ages experience excess fat storage in this area, and most wish that they could selectively trim and refine it. Although your body consistently distributes natural fat loss […]