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Six Pack Abs – How to Use Your Workout and Diet to Sculpt Sexy Abs

six pack abs

How do you use your workout and diet to sculpt six-pack abs? There are no magic pills or programs that will help you get six-pack abs. The way to building your abs is through hard work and willingness to sacrifice (diet). As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” 

The only way to get six-pack abs is to build a healthy body by Increasing your muscles and lowering your body fat.

Many people think that by focusing on developing their abdominal muscles, they will get chiseled six-pack abs. In reality, you must train and build your entire body and build a solid foundation and core to get those rock-hard abs.

Focus on the muscles in your back, legs, chest, arms, shoulders, obliques, etc. Once you have your supporting muscle groups in shape, you can begin to target and define your abdominals using exercises like crunches and leg raises.

Once your abdominal muscles are well developed, it is possible they will not get the attention they deserve. If you do not eat right and diet down, accumulated fat around your midsection will cover those toned abs. Get rid of abdominal fat by embarking on a cardio routine combined with a healthy low carb, no junk food diet to show off your six-pack abs.


Following an exercise program that develops your entire body combined with proper nutrition lays the foundation for creating chiseled abs.

Once your body is lean and muscular, you can ramp up your ab specific workout to harden your abdominal muscles and trim your waistline to show off your new six-pack. Here are two exercises for chiseled abs:

Woodchops – This standing six-pack ab exercise simulates the swinging movement of an ax used by lumberjacks. Swinging your arms up and down like you are chopping wood applies tension to your abdominal muscles, puts a great deal of pressure on your abdominal muscles, promoting a toned and firm six-pack.

Also, skip the endless crunches and try bodyweight wood chops. They do not require any equipment; they are very safe and wildly effective. Just place your hands in front of you and swing down as though you are chopping wood. Make sure that you bend your knees as you chop down. Continue this exercise for three sets of 20 reps.

Diagonal Woodchops – This exercise is similar to the woodchops outlined above, but instead of the up and down movement, you are now swinging diagonally. It is the same exercise, but now you are swinging down from above your shoulders toward your outer thighs instead of up and down between your legs. Diagonal woodchops help to chisel six pack abs quickly.

This will put incredible tension on your obliques, the small muscles on the sides of your abs, where your love handles would be if you had them. Repeat your diagonal wood chopping movement on each side for a total of 20 reps per side, four times a week for maximum results. Adding these two ab exercises will provide dramatic results.