Lifting Restrictions – Coronavirus, USA Politics and Economy

What will happen now that the coronavirus restrictions in the United States are lifting? The Center For Disease Control (CDC) reported 1,193,813 coronavirus cases and 70,802 deaths in the United States as of May 06, 2020.

Now that the United States has reopened, the coronavirus will cause many cases and deaths to skyrocket. According to the latest government models, the coronavirus cases will jump to 200,000, and the daily death toll will reach 3000 a day by June. 

Why has the United States lifted the coronavirus restrictions?

The numbers don’t lie, and the cases and the deaths will worsen by the governments on admission. The coronavirus cases and deaths are not the only numbers driving the country’s decision to reopen. If government officials looked at the coronavirus case and death numbers, only the country would remain closed.

Other numbers that government officials are watching are the political and economic numbers. The coronavirus has destroyed the economy and put a lot of Americans out of work. So at some point, the government had to determine what losses were acceptable. But is it too soon to lift the coronavirus restrictions? 

What can the country gain by delaying the lift of the coronavirus restrictions?

The government’s restrictions needed time to improve the health care system by producing more masks, ventilators, and respirators. Scientists and doctors learn more about coronaviruses when the restrictions are longer. The public also becomes more informed and better able to protect itself against the virus.

The most important thing that the country can gain by delaying the lifting of the coronavirus restrictions is developing a drug that can cure the coronavirus. Doctors and scientists worldwide are working hard to find a cure for the coronavirus, and at some point in time, they will have a treatment. A cure can prevent the loss of many lives.

How has lifting the coronavirus affected life in the United States?

Many states, including Florida, are gradually reopening. Each state has its plan to open. On Monday, the Governor of Florida officially lifted the stay-at-home order. The Florida reopening plan includes: 

  • Restaurants may offer outdoor seating with six feet between tables and indoor seating at 25% capacity
  • Retails can operate at 25% of indoor capacity
  • Schools must continue distance learning
  • As before, they prohibit all visits to a senior living facility
  • For hospitals, elective surgeries can resume
  • Bars, gyms, and personal services such as hair salons, massage parlors, and nail salons must remain closed

In conclusion, the pros and cons of lifting the Coronavirus restrictions in the United States.

The pros of lifting the coronavirus restrictions are all economic, social, and political. While the cons of lifting the coronavirus restriction are all health and moral, as a people, the United States must balance money and power with how it treats its citizens. The coronavirus poses a severe threat to the most vulnerable citizens, the elderly, and the sick. You wear a mask to protect others, not themselves.

If you are healthy, then the virus does not represent a medical threat to you, but it can use you as a host to kill or seriously harm someone else. The United States will make it through this disease, but what financial and moral cost?

The moral and economic value seems to conflict with each other. We need to let the doctors and scientists lead and not politicians and media as a nation. But instead, the doctors and scientists say it is too soon to reopen the country. 

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