Lifting Restrictions - USA Ends the Coronavirus Quarantine

Lifting Restrictions – USA Ends the Coronavirus Quarantine

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) reported 776,093 coronavirus cases and 41,758 deaths on April 21, 2020. The number of death cases has doubled again this week, and coronavirus is lifting restrictions in the United States. The math models show we are at the top of our curve. The question now is how long we stay at the top of the curve until we begin our decline on the backside of the curve. The curve shows we are in the middle of the storm and that the total cases are still increasing but slowly.

My personal experience with the coronavirus

I rarely go out of my home, except for medical, food, or walking, because of the quarantine in Florida. The school I teach notified me that I am working at home during May. Most educators across the country are using a zoom program to teach students. Zoom allows educators to create a virtual classroom. Preventing human interaction stops the coronavirus, but it creates a problem for my emotional and mental health.

Coronavirus lifting restrictions in the United States

The quarantine has adversely affected my workouts and diet. I have more time to exercise and diet correctly, but I don’t feel like working out and eating healthy these days. I love working from home but being pinned up at home day and night with no way to release my emotions or change my environment is causing me to have low energy. My limited contacts and static background is causing emotional and mental stress. I started walking for about 30 minutes to an hour each day.

The walks clear my mind and give me a chance to get outside my home. I should have known better because prisons let inmates outside for fresh air and recreation. Prison lets inmates out to provide a positive stimulus for the body, mind, and emotions. I hate to say this, but the coronavirus has caused me to become a prisoner in my home. Like going to the gym, movies, beach, retail stores, and shows, you took the things I took for granted away from me.

The only thing I do now is write, work, exercise, and television. My wife sensed my low energy, so she decided to workout with me. This woman is incredible. She can eat anything in sight without working out and not gain a pound. I accepted her companionship with great happiness. It wasn’t long before she was back on the couch. It was the squats that got her, but at least she tried.

Some states have lifted the quarantine

This week’s problem is when and how the Governors lift the quarantine restrictions across the country. Georgia, next to Florida, has been one of the first states to raise the quarantine. The states of South Carolina and Tennessee are also joining Georgia in lifting the quarantine. On Monday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said Georgia would allow nail salons, massage therapists, bowling alleys, and gyms to open Friday.

In-person church services can also resume. And restaurants and movie theaters can open Monday. His order also stops cities from imposing restrictions on businesses. I am ready to get out of the house, but not at the cost of my health or others’ health. Also, this is America, so concerned parties filed lawsuits to stop the Governor from lifting the quarantine. Only in America, I love my country, but I wish we could all get along.

Coronavirus lifting restrictions In the United States

The Governors avoided one problem by lifting the quarantine restrictions. President Trump claimed that he had the power to raise the quarantines put in place by the Governors. Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee will be the guinea pigs for the rest of the states. If things go well there, then other states will follow. Other states might overreact by waiting too long to lift restrictions if things go wrong. A lot is riding on the three states’ success. I don’t know if I agree with the timing, but I agree with the process.

I agree with allowing a few states to go first; that way, we can see how the virus responds to the quarantine’s lifting. However, I believe the states are going too early. The government needs to perfect the process before moving to the next step. We still have testing problems. I see how we can do anything without adequate testing. Without proper testing, we are flying in the dark. This problem can worsen because of the lack of resources to make an excellent decision.

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