Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Heart Disease

Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Heart Disease

Are you looking for simple ways you can prevent heart disease? According to the CDC, heart disease is a leading cause of death in the US. Cardiovascular disease is also a major cause of disability in America; conditions such as stroke, congestive heart disease, and coronary artery disease can interfere with your performance abilities. While some of these risk factors are outside your control, there are a few things you can do to prevent some of them. Below are four things you can do to prevent heart disease and enjoy a long, happier, healthy life.

1. Regular physical activity

Regular physical activity can assist you in maintaining a healthy weight and reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Experts recommend getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. It could be cycling, brisk walking, swimming or playing tennis. Doctors also recommend 150 minutes of heart-pumping aerobic exercises each week. For adolescents and kids, an hour of physical activity daily is okay to prevent any cardiovascular troubles. You may increase your exercise intensity to reap more benefits if you are active. Otherwise, begin slowly and adjust going forward.

Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Heart Disease

2. Know your risk

Your age, lifestyle, family history, and other health conditions may expose you to heart disease. It is great news if you are over 40 years and haven’t experienced any form of heart attack or stroke. However, this doesn’t suggest you are in the clear. Knowing your risk factors can assist you and your medical team in determining the best preventative and treatment plan for you. You can eliminate several risk factors by making a few lifestyle adjustments, such as avoiding smoking and reducing your alcohol intake.

3. Eat healthily

You can make healthier choices by limiting your intake of processed meat, sugary beverages, and refined carbohydrates, and make whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and plant-based proteins the foundation of your diet. Also, keep an eye on the nutrition facts label on packaged products if you want to reduce sodium, saturated fats, and added sugars and avoid trans fat. Nutrients like olive oil have been shown to protect against heart diseases. So whether through food or supplements, your body can absorb more with healthy oils to enhance and achieve your heart health goals. Experts have also recommended a few dietary diet plans to eat for your cardiovascular health.

4. Sleep more

Getting enough sleep can help lower your risk of heart disease. According to researchers, a lack of quality sleep can increase cardiovascular risks. The study showed that people with high sleep scores are 75% less at risk of developing health-related diseases than those with lower scores. Unfortunately, people pay less attention to how much sleep they get until there is a problem. Restoring your sleep to normal levels following lack of sleep can help blood pressure and reduce cardiovascular risk. It can also help improve other physiological responses linked with sleep deprivation.

The Last Word on Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Heart Disease

Living healthy is the best way to avoid or delay several heart-related diseases, and these tips are a great way to start. The key is to assume control of your health and manage any condition that may put you at risk.

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