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High-Protein Resistance Training: How to Use It to Fight Obesity

How to use protein and resistance training to fight obesity

Can high protein resistance training fight obesity? Scientists using an 8-week controlled trial followed by a 24-week observational follow-up to determine just that. The study, entitled the PROMOTE study (High-protein and resistance-training combination in overweight and obesity) for short-term weight loss and long-term weight maintenance for Chinese people, started in June 2019 and ends October 2020.

At the start, the study randomly assigned ninety 18 to 50-year-old overweight or obese participants to one of three groups. The three groups are a conventional low-fat diet, a high-protein diet, and a high-protein diet and weightlifting combination.

The researchers monitored, recorded, and reviewed the bodyweight of the participants. The researchers observed the participants at week eight and week 24 and compared them to their baseline levels.

The long-range goal of the study is to provide clinicians and dieticians 32 weeks of data.

The data helps explore reasonable weight loss plans for obese people that address short-term and long-term weight loss. The China Postdoctoral Science Foundation hopes to provide programs for obesity management in China. This study and similar studies also can promote the development of exercise- and diet-related programs.

The hypothesis is that weightlifting combined with a high-protein diet would result in similar short-term weight loss to low fat and high protein diets. But produce better long-term weight loss than either the conventional low-fat diet or the high-protein diet alone.

Obesity is a growing (and dangerous) health problem worldwide, affecting over 30% of the population.

Obesity links to virtually all metabolism-related diseases and is associated with more than 200 different health problems. As an example, obesity causes over 80% of the cases of diabetes, and obesity also contributes to diabetes-related deaths. Excess weight and obesity appear to increased tumor risk, and obesity significantly increases the risk of death.

How to use protein and weightlifting to fight obesity

There is a search for a long-term solution. Roughly 70% of dieters who achieve short-term weight loss regain at least 50% of their weight back in 2 years. And return to their previous weight within three years. This study will also help experts to design and develop a reasonable weight loss plan for obese people. The study addressed both short-term weight loss and long-term weight loss.

There are also few international studies on short-term weight loss and long-term weight loss. And there are even fewer involving an increasingly obese population. This study will also be one of the first to detail weightlifting’s effectiveness in short- and long-term weight loss. It is true protein resistance training can fight obesity.