Coronavirus - USA Culture Responded to the Virus

Coronavirus – USA Culture Responds to the Virus

The Center For Disease Control (CDC) reported 374,329 coronavirus cases and 12,604 deaths in the United States as of April 06, 2020. The United States continues to have more cases than any other country. 

Another factor that has emerged is race. New data shows that African Americans are more at risk of dying from the virus than non-African Americans.

The government is unclear why that is happening, but hopefully, data will emerge to inform us. If I had to guess, I would say the reason is lacking access to the medical care system.

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The Projection of the Virus

There are more than 1,047,473 cases and 82,074 deaths around the world. Every virus, from start to finish, forms a bell shape curve. By my account, the instances of coronavirus are squaring about every 32 days. On March 9, 2020, the number of cases in the United States was 647.

On April 6, 2020, the number of cases in the United States was 374,329. This means that if the coronavirus repeats the last 32 days in the next 32 days, everyone in the United States will have the coronavirus. The current slope shows us the virus’s potential and why the country has been shut down to prevent the infection from realizing its potential.

The final graph of the coronavirus will reveal at what point the curve is flat-lined. It will also be a bell shape curve. The current chart shows that from 4/5/2020 to 4/6/2020, the number of cases increased. The virus is not done as long as the cases continue to rise.

We are not at the halfway point until we reach the top of the curve. The curve should be thought of as a mountain. Right now, we are still climbing the hill. We must come back down when we reach the top of the hill. The descent is more manageable, but it always must be done. There will be new cases and deaths on the decline also.

How the Coronavirus is changing the culture of the United States

The conditions in Florida continue to change. Stores are closed, and some have gone out of business. At the start of the virus, it was rare to see a mask. This week I observed around 40% of the people wearing a mask.

I got a call from my mom, who I am not visiting now because she is in her 70s. She called me to tell me that she was sending me some masks to wear. Most of the masks on Amazon and other places cannot be delivered until May.

There is nothing to do in Florida but go to the grocery store and Walmart. I think the government and media are starting to pick up on that. A news release stated that grocery stores and Walmart are taking steps to protect customers and workers.

One of the steps they will be taking is to limit the number of people in the stores. Another step they take is to provide markers to remind people to stand 6 feet apart. The government also urges people to go to the grocery store once a week or only as necessary.

The problems that the Coronavirus is creating for Americans

Americans are friendly and love to shop. It will be difficult for Americans to stay home for an extended time. Everything has been taken from us overnight, including our right to choose for ourselves. Most of us know we don’t have a choice but to stay home, but it is emotionally stressful. It is more challenging for me than I could have imagined.

I miss the gym, movies, shopping, beaches, working, and interacting with my friends due to coronavirus. I work out at home now, challenging not because of the resources but because of emotions.

It’s hard to get up and stay up for a workout when I am closed in by four walls. I had to adopt a social detachment strategy to deal with my emotions and being isolated from my people. I used the approach to read articles on social isolation, complete unfinished projects, and call family members and friends occasionally.

The fight to stop Coronavirus

I am doing my part to stay healthy by practicing social distancing. I follow the guidelines the government and the CDC have provided to protect me from coronavirus. Like a car accident, the best way to survive the virus is to avoid it.

I know it is a possibility that I might contract the virus. I am around the age of the prime minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson. We are 2 1/2 years apart in age. The virus has put him in intensive care, so I can’t take this virus lightly.

I am using safety precautions against coronavirus like staying at home, washing my hands more frequently, keeping my hands away from my face, and eating healthy. I eat spinach, bell peppers, ginger, and garlic every day. These foods are high in vitamin c and other nutrients to boost your immune system.

I continue to exercise to strengthen my cardiovascular system and muscular system. I know if I contract the virus through no fault of my own, I stand a better chance of surviving it if I am healthy and fit. 

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