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Dexter Jackson – Fearless and One of the Best Bodybuilders Ever

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder

Dexter Jackson, a renowned IFBB professional bodybuilder, won more titles than any other bodybuilder in history. Subsequently, he dominated bodybuilding for three decades. One of his most remarkable achievements, Mr. Olympia 2008, highlighted a noteworthy career.

Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, won people’s hearts throughout the world because of his extensive accomplishment. Moreover, he inspired many gym enthusiasts with his hard work and determination. Consequently, his fans want to discover the secret behind his success.

Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, came into this world on November 25, 1969. He entered the world of bodybuilding two decades later.

Dexter’s enthusiasm for physical activities started early in life. He loved basketball, gymnastics, and breakdancing. Jackson also earned a fourth-grade black belt in karate. Dexter excelled at these sports, but life took him in another direction. Soon Dexter would dominate the world of bodybuilding and become a living legend.

Jackson graduated from Edward H. White High School and thought of taking the college admissions exam. He wanted to prove his haters wrong. Dexter’s  teachers discouraged him saying, “he would never succeed in college.” Instead of disheartening him, Jackson took their statements as a challenge. Consequently, a spark ignited in his soul that remains to this day. Dexter wanted to prove them wrong–he knew he would. Whenever they say, ‘you can’t do it,’ ignore them, ‘you can do it.’

You can use the criticism and discouragement of others as a continuous motivation source when you focus on the positive. Use the negativity of others as fuel to feed your positivity to accomplish your dreams. Dexter took the negativity of those who he trusted to help him and turned it into something extraordinary.

Unfortunately, Jackson did not take the college admission exam; instead, he started working as a cook. Dexter did not give up. He kept dreaming and thinking of ways he could help himself and his family. Dexter reminds us it doesn’t matter how you start, but how you finish. His story provides us with the insight we need to persevere and achieve our dreams.

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder

Jackson has spent three decades of his life competing and winning titles. Experts recognize Dexter as one of the greatest bodybuilders that ever stepped on the stage.

People around the world call Dexter ‘The Blade.’ This title reflects his hard work and chiseled body. Also, Dexter uses a sharp mind and personality to get to the point and achieve results. He honed his craft and became a legend that gave the world 100%. At the height of his career, Dexter beat even the strongest of competitors. All the greats bowed before Dexter ‘The Blade’ Jackson.

Dexter Jackson loves social media, and you can visit his page on Facebook. Jackson rarely speaks of his private life but does share his story when asked about it. He loves his family and enjoys life. Use these facts to gain more insight into the life of Dexter Jackson:

  • Dexter Jackson’s father, Willie Jackson, coached at FAMU.
  • Jackson celebrates his mother’s birthday every April 20.
  • Dexter grew up with six siblings.
  • He married Gale Elie, health and fitness coach and qualified trainer, in 2004.
  • Dexter is a caring father of three children.

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilding Champion

What motivated Jackson to enter the profession of bodybuilding – football, karate, or split dancing? That is the question circulating in the minds of his fans.

You can learn a lot about a man and his accomplishments when you understand what motivates him. Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, comes from a sports background, making it easier to transition to bodybuilding. As Dexter grew, his body also grew more muscular. He developed an impressive body by the age of 20. Jackson transitioned into an athletic and toned gladiator whose natural physique impressed even the experts.

His friends noticed immediately and recommended he take part in a local competition. Jackson readily agreed and started working out and dieting for the competition. He persistently worked hard for three weeks. Jackson won the crown–the first of many victories.

This local show showed Dexter his potential and made him realize that he could do great things with bodybuilding. He dreamed of success and how to train hard to get what he wanted. Since that day, Dexter took his diet and training seriously.

After his success at a local show, he started believing in his abilities and fell in love with bodybuilding.

When you discover your abilities, you fall in love with a dream. Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, found his passion, and now nothing could stop him.  Dexter spent a lot of time working out and eating right. If you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to get it.  Consequently, Dexter reminds us that you get out of it what you put in it.  His efforts begin to pay huge dividends. As the old Dexter faded into history, the legend of ‘The Blade’ begins to surface, and the world noticed.

His first debut at a National Physique Show, NPC Southern States Championship 1992, earned Dexter a  3rd place finish.

After his success, Dexter walked off the stage for three years and buried himself in the gym.  During the next three years, Dexter did the unthinkable. Jackson brought out the best in his genetics and natural abilities.  Consequently, Dexter ate the right foods and performed the best exercises.  ‘The Blade’ was ready to earn his Pro Card.

 After dedicating the three most important years of life to his physique, Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, finally stepped back on the big stage. Dexter Jackson morphed into “the blade’ right in front of our eyes and took the world by storm. Also, his chiseled superior physique took no time in cutting down his competition.

In 1995, ‘the blade’ won NPC USA Championships’ crown and took first place in the light-heavyweight category.

Dexter did not hope or wish his dreams came true. As ‘the blade,’ he made his dreams come true. Dexter, the champion of bodybuilding, reminds us that great things do not happen by luck. You forge them in the fire of sweat, heat, determination, concentration, and focus. Dexter showed us how to use the concentric, eccentric, and isometric portion of every lift. You can use the correct technique to cut a muscle so sharply until it shocks the human eye. The Blade perfected the correct technique to build and tone muscles.

Dexter’s turned his sights on winning his Pro card. The Blade knew what he needed to do to become a member of the Elite IFBB Pro League. He stumbled and came in 6th at the NPC Nationals Light-heavyweight competition.

Jackson found himself tumbling back to the earth. He remained optimistic and determined. In 1998, Dexter stunned everyone by winning both the Light-Heavyweight and best overall categories. Subsequently, he won his coveted Pro Card.

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder

‘After winning the Pro card, my life became much easier,’ said Jackson. He prepared to enter the most prestigious competitions. But not too fast, Jackson, another obstacle, caused him to struggle. This time Dexter took 7th place at the 1999 Arnold Classic. The Blade never let opposition, and his struggles slow him down. Also, coming from a family of seven kids, he knew how to defend himself and thrive.

Dexter took his diet and work out to the next level to prepare for his next competition. Consequently, he took 4th place at the Grand Prix England. Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, never stopped working on his weak areas. He always tried to hone his body and discover the best of his abilities. Afterward, he earned 3rd place at the Night of Champion. Dexter also took 4th at the World Pro Championships. He finished 9th at Mr. Olympia. Consequently, Dexter quickly learned that success did not come easy. If he wanted to win, no one planned to hand it to him. Dexter had to take it!

He gained confidence by winning several editions of The Arnold Classic –one of the most prestigious competitions. Subsequently, Dexter won first place at the 2005 Arnold Classic, his first remarkable achievement in a while.

He tried to capture Mr. Olympia several times but always fail short of first place. After eight attempts, he trained his body for maximum strength and a sexy muscular physique. The Blade had prepared to cut the competition down and finally ascend to 1st place at Mr. Olympia.

The Blade takes first place at Mr. Olympia and the bodybuilding world by storm. His continuous efforts, determination, and persistence brought him to the limelight and success.

During the past three decades, Jackson won many more titles. Subsequently, he dominated the world of professional bodybuilders. Observe some of his remarkable achievements:

  • NPC USA Championships 1995 -1st
  • North American Championships 1996 -1st
  • Grand Prix England 2002 -1st
  • Show of Strength Pro Champ 2003 -1st
  • Ironman Pro Invitational 2004 -1st
  • San Francisco Pro Invitational 2004 -1st
  • Arnold Classic 2005 -1st
  • Arnold Classic 2006 -1st
  • Australian Pro Grand Prix IFBB 2007 -1st
  • Mr. Olympia 2008 -1st
  • Arnold Classic 2008 -1st
  • Arnold Classic 2013 -1st
  • Tijuana Pro 2013 -1st
  • Arnold Classic 2015 -1st
  • Prague Pro 2015 -1st
  • Tampa Pro 2019 -1st

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder

Today, Jackson has earned an outstanding reputation because of his determination and commitment to his diet and workout.

His workout and a detailed diet plan resulted in a healthy muscular physique, 5’5” tall, that weighs 205 -225 lbs. Jackson used a  simple workout philosophy throughout his training. Also, he focused on compound movements, including squats and barbell bench press. Compound lifts develop a balanced physique and stir up hormones that build massive muscles. Consequently, after every workout, he did isolation lifts to tone up his muscles. Many professional bodybuilders use this kind of workout called post-exhaustion training to earn impressive results.

An essential element of Jackson’s workout routine required that he never train stomach muscles and traps separately. Dexter said, working on his trapezoids made them look so big until they took away from his shoulders. So he worked on them sparingly and used the extra time to work on muscles that needed it. Consequently, Dexter’s workout shows that you should perform exercises to meet your needs. Listen to your body. It will never lead you astray.

Dexter uses a customized workout plan to meet his bodybuilding needs.

He used to work out intensely for four days with three days of rest. He always did cardio in the morning for 30 minutes and avoided running during that time.

  • Monday, Dexter prefers chest and bicep training. He Started with 2-4 warm-up sets and ending with three sets of 8-12 reps. Dexter performed the Flat Bench Press, Machine Overhead Curls, Incline Bench Press, and Dumbbell Flyes.
  • On Tuesday, he works on Calves and Quads. His lifts include Leg Extensions, Walking Lunges, and Leg Press. Also, Dexter performed Superset of Front Squats and Supersets of Standing and Sitting Calf Raises.
  • Thursday, he works triceps and calves. He started with 2-4 warm-up sets ending with three sets of 8-12 reps. Dexter performed Rear Deltoid Machine, Cable Pushdowns, Dips, Seated Dumbbell Military Pass, and Rope Pushdowns.
  • On Friday, Dexter works back and hamstring muscles. The exercises include T-Bar Rows, Leg Curls, Lat Pull-down, Kneeling Single Leg Curls, and Deadlift.
  • Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday are always resting days.

Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, remained persistent with his diet plan, which his trainer mapped out. According to him, a good diet is everything.

The Blade knew the importance of a good diet. Food provides the body with energy and nutrients to build and repair cells. Subsequently, you can’t build muscle and burn fat without making your diet a priority. Everything starts, ends, and centers around your diet. You can’t outwork a bad diet.

Dexter used a strict diet to fuel his workout and build an impressive body. You are what you eat. Who can argue against that? Jackson continues to follow his diet and workout till this very day. Dexter made bodybuilding a lifestyle of working out hard and eating right.

His low-carb diet includes egg whites, oatmeal, baked potato, rice, veggies, steamed chicken, and green beans. Dexter also used whey protein shake and meal replacement shakes. Moreover, Dexter uses supplements that contain DHEA, Potassium, and Glutamine.

During the off-season, he usually eats four clean meals and two dirty meals. Those who bend don’t break. Who can blame Dexter? Consequently, use the right balance to make sure you enjoy chasing after your dreams.

Bodybuilders eat a lot. So, dieting presents as much of a challenge to bodybuilders as working out does. Sometimes it wasn’t easy for Dexter to eat the next spoonful to eat enough calories. Also, Dexter’s powerful will and motivation helped him to follow his diet.

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder

Today, Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, is more determined than ever to work hard and chase his dreams.

Dexter Jackson turned 50 and lives in Jacksonville, Florida but remains enthusiastic as ever about bodybuilding. He remains on his journey to compete for future Mr. Olympia shows and many other prestigious competitions. Also, the aging factor shows on his greying hair and facial weathering. Unlike most bodybuilders, Dexter shows no sign of changes to his physique. He continues to maintain his muscles, strength, and passion for life and bodybuilding.

Jackson’s looks as impressive now as he did when he was first starting. His body does an excellent job of depicting his title, ‘The Blade.’ As Jackson, he continues to do it gracefully. Consequently, his body reflects the roads he traveled and the challenges he overcame.

Nowadays, along with preparing himself for several competitions, the blade coaches future Mr. Olympia winners. ‘The thought of retirement has never crossed my mind,’ says the old champion. Consequently, Dexter Jackson’s life serves as a testament. Also, he reminds us of what we can do with the right mindset and attitude. Watch the 11 tips you need to know before starting your bodybuilding journey.

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