Is A Tummy Tuck Surgery Safe For You? Things To Consider

Is A Tummy Tuck Surgery Safe For You? Things To Consider

Is a tummy tuck surgery safe for you? Big bellies are unattractive to the onlooker and a nuisance to the person they belong to. They spoil your ability to wear classy fashion statements and make regular, daily movement harder. At the same time, excess body weight can give rise to other health problems as well. It is common knowledge that big bellies are not always due to overeating. Genetics, mental health issues, and other ailments can make a person gain weight.

Still, obesity remains the leading cause of bulging bellies. In the United States alone, 113 million people are obese, and 81 million are overweight. The state of Texas has one of the highest obesity rates in the country, being ranked as the 12th worst region. The Austin metro area in the state, which was recently named as one of the most physically active cities in the country, ranked 54th on a list of fattest cities as well. Austin is the 6th fattest city in Texas.

These stats highlight that a considerable population deals with huge tummies and related health issues. And for many, tummy tuck surgery is an option to eliminate fat and excess skin quickly. Are you considering a tummy tuck in Austin, TX, or any other city in the US, for that matter? Well, here are some things to bear in mind:

Tummy Tuck Surgery: Introduction

For many people, tummy tuck surgery is a reasonably new concept. That is not true, though. The procedure has been around for over a century, with the first recorded surgery performed in France in 1890. Since then, this abdominoplasty procedure has come a long way, supported by modern technological advancements and medical studies. This surgery involves doctors removing extra fat and loose skin from your body while also tightening muscles in the abdominal region.

Tummy tucking is different from liposuction because the latter only involves the removal of fat tissue. Often, both these procedures are performed as a combination to ensure the patient gets a flat stomach and their skin and body are adjusted accordingly. The choice of one or the other can also depend on the patient’s condition. Your doctor is the best person to advise on the appropriate option.

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: Which Is Better?

As highlighted earlier, there is a significant difference between tummy tuck surgery and liposuction. While both are invasive procedures, tummy tucking is extensive and more detail-oriented. As the name indicates, liposuction only involves taking out excess fat accumulated inside your body. It doesn’t involve any other adjustments. Liposuction and tummy tuck are similar in their purpose. They are designed for people with fat deposits that don’t respond well to diet or exercise.

People often ask, which is the right choice among these two? The answer comes down to personal preferences and desired outcomes from the surgery. Although liposuction helps remove fat inside the body, it doesn’t contour the body, especially when the amount of fat removed is significant. Tummy tuck surgery, on the other hand, is relatively comprehensive. It removes fat, and surgeons trim the skin, tighten the muscles, and make other adjustments to give your body the best shape possible.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are numerous benefits of tummy tuck surgery. These are especially effective for mothers who have recently given birth and want to return their bodies to the pre-pregnancy shape, individuals who have lost a lot of weight quite rapidly, and older people whose skin is loosening naturally. Here are some of the benefits that tummy tuck surgery offers not just for particular people but to all for whom a doctor might suggest it:

1.     Efficient and swift weight loss method

Research has shown that fat removed through tummy tuck surgery is less likely to come back when compared to other procedures. For instance, people who undergo bariatric procedures can benefit significantly from a tummy tuck surgery simultaneously. Obviously, it is best to consult your physician in detail before opting for the surgery, but when a doctor recommends it, the advantages can be substantial.

A simple comparison shows that patients who underwent bariatric and tummy tuck procedures gained only 1 pound of weight per year. On the other hand, patients on whom only bariatric surgery was performed gained 4 pounds every year. Moreover, research shows that after tummy tuck surgeries, the tolerance towards exercise grows. This means it is easier for the body to perform physical activities like jogging, cycling, or going to the gym.

2.     Correction of posture and skin tone

People with huge bellies complain about a lot of pain around their bodies. These include back and leg aches consistently. Moreover, the excess fat in your body also impacts your sitting posture. This leads to making your back pain, in particular, more extreme. Through tummy tuck surgery, patients witness that their posture improves substantially. At the same time, it mitigates the risk of lordosis, a scenario where the spine curves inward at a more exaggerated angle than usual. Furthermore, you can tighten your abdominal muscles and tone them to look much better through tummy tuck surgery.

3.     Improves urinary incontinence stress in women

Women who give normal birth often suffer from urinary incontinence stress. This involves involuntary bladder leakage when they cough, sneeze, or even laugh. The impact of this condition on daily life is significant. It makes it harder for women to even go out generally as the discharge stains clothes and leads to inconvenient situations in gatherings. Tummy tuck surgery offers an effective solution to this problem. The surgeon can obstruct the bladder by utilizing soft tissues in the pelvic area.

4.     Facilitates correction of the hernia

Inside the body, some muscles are responsible for keeping specific organs in their respective places. Hernia results when the organ pushes through this muscle extensively, causing extensive discomfort and pain. One of the more common types of hernia is ventral hernia which occurs in the abdominal region. Patients who have lost much weight rapidly or undergone a C-section or appendectomy risk developing a ventral hernia. With a tummy tuck surgery, though, this can be corrected while the chances of it spreading are also reduced substantially.  

Drawbacks of Tummy Tuck Surgery

In order to provide a complete overview of the procedure, it is best to look at some of its disadvantages. None of these are massively demotivating, but they are worth considering because individual decisions can vary based on them. Here are some common drawbacks that come with this surgery:

1.     Complete recovery takes time

After a tummy tuck surgery, you must be extremely careful even with daily activities, especially stretching your abdominal muscles. Patients can expect to begin light activities as long as a few weeks after the procedure, and complete recovery can take 12 weeks or more, depending on the patient. Following the doctor’s advice and precautions for facilitating recovery is crucial, or the timeline can extend further than usual.

2.     Be ready to carry the surgery scar

The treatment leaves a scar on the skin. Experts in the field commonly say that a tummy tuck scar is such that it can eliminate the one left by a C-section. This statement holds weight. It leaves its mark, though. The incision for the abdominoplasty is made as close to the pelvic bones as is practical. It is hidden by a bathing costume or a pair of swim shorts. Using silicone sheets and other modalities for scar treatment after incisions have helped substantially minimize scarring as much as possible.

3.     There are chances of reversal if you are not careful

A tummy tuck surgery has a low chance of reversal, but that is not universal. The results can quickly diminish if you are not careful with your diet and exercise. When swaying away from a healthy lifestyle, you should never count on the procedure to be indefinite, wildly. When you don’t stick to nutrient-laden meals and a consistent exercise regimen, the results of the tummy tuck surgery can start to go away. This is not a great thing because, with the scar and adjustments already made, fat coming back can lead to unfavorable circumstances.

Conclusion On a Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most efficient and suitable ways to eliminate excess fat in your body. However, it is much more than that. The procedure also involves extensive contouring and adjustments to the body, including skin trimming and tightening abdominal muscles. It is a comprehensive procedure that, unlike others, such as liposuction, goes beyond just taking extra fat out of the body. Tummy tuck surgeries benefit not just normal individuals but also aged citizens and women who have just given birth.

Although this surgery has some drawbacks, they are not something significant. You must remember that you’ll have a scar from the procedure and must look after your diet while ensuring a healthy lifestyle to ensure the results don’t reverse. So, with a little effort, tummy tuck surgery can benefit you, particularly in the long run.

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