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Is Kratom an Effective Treatment For Chronic Pain?

Is Kratom an Effective Treatment For Chronic Pain

There is currently limited evidence to support kratom as a treatment for chronic pain. Also, this is because the FDA does not regulate kratom, and there are potential side effects and drug interactions associated with its use. However, Garcia-Romeu and her colleagues note kratom is not a Schedule I drug, so it is not addictive. The study also found that kratom has potential medical uses, including treating opioid use disorder and pain.

Despite these mixed results, many studies conducted in Southeast Asia show we do not associate the use of kratom with addiction and other chronic health consequences. For example, in a survey of patients with opiate addiction and other severe conditions, over one-quarter reported using kratom. In addition, there were few reports of adverse side effects, but the study was still small, and some participants reported adverse side effects, such as anxiety and sedation.

Is Kratom an Effective Treatment For Chronic Pain?

Kratom Improves Drive And Energy Levels

The study also found that premium kratom powder improves drive and energy levels. Experts report Kratom takes effect in five to ten minutes. The duration of the impact is two to five hours. Higher doses produce more intense results. Similarly, kratom is a potent anti-anxiety treatment, with many studies showing its effectiveness. A study published in Thailand found kratom can be as effective as morphine but with fewer side effects.

The Increasing Use Of Kratom In The U.S. Coincides With The Opioid Crisis

With efforts to restrict the availability of prescription opioids, the street supply of these drugs has grown. Also, this has led to the lack of access to medical care for many patients with chronic pain. A recent COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the problem. The substance is illegal to sell in the U.S., and it is essential to consult a doctor before taking it.

Despite its potential to be an effective treatment for chronic pain, it is essential to note that kratom is an opioid, and it may cause tolerance and dependence. In addition, consuming the drug in large amounts may lead to abuse and dependency. It is not good for the body to take it for recreational use. Besides treating chronic pain, kratom has many other benefits.

Is Kratom an Effective Treatment For Chronic Pain?

Kratom Has The Potential To Improve Patients’ Lives

Despite this lack of evidence, kratom has the potential to improve patients’ lives. Its natural properties can prevent the development of tolerance, which can affect a patient’s ability to tolerate the drug. The pharmacological effects of green maylay kratom are currently unidentified. While it is not a cure, it can help patients deal with addiction. In addition, its availability in the United States shows its effectiveness as a treatment for chronic pain.

Side Notes

Although published research on kratom is lacking, there are still a few promising results. In 2010, the International Journal of Drug Policy issued a report on the use of kratom. This study surveyed 136 people who were actively using kratom. The findings were encouraging. It was widely available, inexpensive, and had no significant side effects. Unfortunately, the report included no clinical trials examining kratom’s health benefits and dangers.

The effectiveness of kratom is unclear. They have linked the drug to side effects in some studies. Unlike many prescription drugs, kratom has a long-term impact on the body. We have found it to relieve pain in the short term and reduce the frequency of opioid withdrawal. Its toxicity and safety are still under scrutiny. It is important to note that kratom has a high chance of helping people suffering from chronic pain despite its toxicity.

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