Mechanical Drop Sets Are Best For Bodyweight Training

Mechanical Drop Sets Are Best For Bodyweight Training

Are you curious about how to use mechanical drop sets for bodyweight training?

If you’re looking to build more muscle, burn more fat, and get into the best shape of your life, bodyweight training offers an awful lot.

Thus, this is a way to work out and train anywhere, build a better strength-to-weight ratio, and increase your challenge as you progress. You don’t need any equipment; you don’t need any instruction, drop and give us 20!

But there are ways of using bodyweight training; unfortunately, many people don’t approach this correctly.

Because if you compare a bench press to a push-up, it is immediately apparent that the former provides a significantly greater challenge.

A bench press allows you to lift 200, 300, or 400 pounds, whereas a push-up means lifting two-thirds of your body weight.

So what do you do to increase the challenge? You can always perform more repetitions, but this will only become a fitness workout rather than helping you gain muscle. And that is why mechanical drop sets are so critical.

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What is a Mechanical Drop Set?

For those unfamiliar with bodybuilding jargon, a drop set means a workout where you continuously drop the amount of weight you’re lifting.

Each time you max out your strength and can’t perform another repetition, you decrease the weight, allowing you to keep going. We call this going past failure because you continue to train to where your muscles have given out and where usually fatigue would force you to stop.

A mechanical drop set means that you’re working out the same muscle groups with a variation in the exercise. You’re not moving a pin or changing your dumbbell because you’re just using your muscle mass.

Instead, a mechanical drop set means changing the exercise to make it harder or easier while still focussing on the same muscle group.

So, for example, you might perform ten one-handed pushups and immediately switch to regular pushups.

Also, this way, you have gone past failure again, and you should feel the burn in your pec muscles. There is no break in between sets, and this way, you can create the maximum number of micro-tears to stimulate growth and strength development.

Incorporating These Into Your Training

Thus, this might be a shock if you’re used to circuits or just doing sets and reps. However, it is time to stop thinking about 3 sets of 10 reps and how I can get my body to respond.

By learning to feel when your muscles are aching the right way, you know how far to push them to stimulate growth. Using drop sets of any sort is one of the best ways to do just that!

The Last Word on Mechanical Drop Sets Are Successful For Bodyweight Training

Mechanical drop sets are a great way to add intensity to your bodyweight training routine. Using a set of stairs or a bench, you can quickly increase the difficulty of each repetition. This drop set allows you to get more out of each exercise while still using your body weight as resistance.

Try mechanical drop sets the next time you workout, and they will impress you! Have you tried mechanical drop sets for your bodyweight workouts? Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below!

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