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Essential Oils – How to Use Them to Improve Your Workouts

Essential Oils Before Workout

Why should you consider applying essential oils to your chest and neck before a workout? It is no secret to anyone that staying fit and taking care of your body is the key to living a long, healthy, and prosperous life. After all, living an inactive lifestyle turns into the potential risk of developing severe health and other problems. However, from obesity to heart problems and more, you prevent these health issues by staying active and working out.

Therefore, it is always essential for those serious about their workouts to get the most of it whenever they can. Such as finding different tools to boost their workout routine. For example, people regularly consider shakes, supplements, and other products. But one thing that we shouldn’t overlook over others is essential oils and herbs before the workout.

How can essential oils help you in your workout?

Essential oils have been in the world for a long time now. These oils are potent and incredible for all kinds of problems. Both for their fantastic scent and interesting curative features, we find essential oils in almost every home. Massages, baths, and other relaxation therapy are incomplete without these magical liquids. People use essential oils when working out, too. As they are beneficial for detoxication and relaxing, there is an excellent reason you should apply essential oil on your neck and face pre-workout.

Here is everything to know about five of the best essential oil scents and their benefits when applied before working out.

Peppermint: Gives you a Load of Natural Energy:

Have you ever driven to the gym and just sat in your car procrastinating because you don’t have the mood for a workout?

Well, if you are lazy, just like me, then peppermint essential oil might be the perfect savior for your pre-workout session. This essential oil wakes your body up, gives you a load of energy, and makes you ready for a workout. So, dab few drops of peppermint essential oil on your wrist and see the tremendous improvement in your power.

Geranium: Prevents Sweaty and Smelly Pits.

Geranium is an essential oil with a heavenly smell that reduces stress and soothes agitation. This essential oil also helps in prepping you for tackling the most challenging workout class, like cycling.

This essential oil smells like roses, and you can use it as a deodorant. So, if you have been noticing some smelly pits from the mat next to you, dab a few drops of this essential oil to be on the safe side.

Lemon: Stay hydrated through this essential oil.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially when working out hard. But, according to WebMD, losing even two percent of your body weight through fluids can be harmful and affect your performance negatively and significantly.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, bring out the bottle of lemon essential oil and dab a few drops of it in your water for extra hydration throughout your workout. The flavor of this essential oil will make you want to sip your water more frequently, and you won’t need to take the tension of getting dehydrated after challenging yourself to all those sweaty exercises.

Lemongrass: Helps in making your Sweat Sesh Extra Effective.

Next essential oil that provides you a load of benefits when applied to your neck and face before a workout is lemongrass essential oil. This essential oil has a tangy and bright scent that energizes you instantly and reminds you to use it in your workout routine will make you feel good.

Also, this oil has a compound called citral that helps produce heat throughout the body, and as a result, it makes your workout session effective. So rub a few drops of this essential on your wrist or neck and enjoy working out.

Eucalyptus: Boost your mood in Just Short Span Time.

Essential Oils Before Workout

Last and one of the best essential oil to use pre-workout is Eucalyptus. A primary benefit that this essential oil has is its anti-inflammatory properties.

Whenever we exercise, our muscles experience micro-tears and strains. So, this essential oil provides muscle relief and reduces inflammation that is associated with tears. Just massage the oil into your aching muscles before and after the workout and get instant muscle relief. This oil also lifts and boosts your mood up in just a little time.


These were some of the essential oil scents and their benefits when applied on face and neck pre-workout. So, next time, use these oils to boost yourself and enjoy your workout session.

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