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Pullover Exercise – How to Get the Best Results From This Lift

Pullover Exercise - How to Get the Best Results From This Lift

Do you know how to use the pullover exercise to build a massive chest and shoulders? Your body is your most priceless possession and asset so, take care of it. It is an obvious fact that fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s all about the best version of yourself. The first wealth is health, and there is no alternative to good health.

If you think you can succeed by doing a 9 to 5 job or investing time in a start-up, you are fooling yourself. Sparing a fixed time for your body is also an integral part that can lead you towards success. Is it sounds good that you are living with millions of dollars in your bank account but proceeding ahead in your life with a severe health problem? No, it does not sound good.

This article will let you know about the “Pullover Exercise” and let you understand what the pullover exercise works.

Introduction to Pullover Exercise

The pullover exercise is an exercise that is performed either with a barbell or with a dumbbell. You can use it to strengthen the muscles of the chest and the shoulder. There are multiple other benefits of pullover exercise. There are different pullover exercises like rope pullover exercise, plate pullover exercise, and pullover bodyweight exercise.

Now definitely you think that how to do pullover exercise. The most common and highly effective exercise is a dumbbell pullover. Let’s discuss the steps you need for this exercise, the benefits, and the most common mistakes that people make.

Information About Dumbbell Pullover Exercise




Basic Information

Other Names of the Pullover Exercise  


Lying Pullover

Chest Pullover


Targets Chest, Back, Shoulders
Equipment Needed  

Weight Bench


Level Intermediate


How to Do Dumbbell Pullovers

Many people get confused about how to do pullover exercises. Of course, you can follow the simple steps of the pullover exercise. But use the right strategy for productive output.

The right strategy to follow about this pullover exercise is:

  • The first step is to sit on the end of a stable weight bench
  • Place the feet on the floor, and it is better to place the feet on the floor wider than the width of the bench
  • The next step is to hold a dumbbell with both hands
  • Lay down on the bench
  • There must be full support to your body, neck, and back
  • Extend your arms over your chest
  • Your palms must face each other
  • Your elbows must be slightly bent
  • Inhale the air and extend the weight over your head
  • Try to reach a fully extended position but not below your head, and it will take 3 to 4 seconds
  • Exhale slowly
  • Return your arms to the starting position
Important Note for You
It is important to note that your upper body muscles engage during a dumbbell pullover, and the abdominal muscles tighten.


Pullover Chest Exercise Benefits

The significant benefits of the pullover exercise are for the chest and back. The ultimate benefits are:

  • It is a resistance exercise that strengthens the muscles of the chest
  • It also improves the strength of wing-shaped muscles in the back
  • This pullover exercise increases the flexibility in the chest and the upper body

Variations of Dumbbell Pullover

It is important to note here that it is not suitable for everyone to follow the same exercise. The health pattern of every individual varies from person to person. You can use different alternatives and modifications. Some modifications are:

One Dumbbell Instead of Two

It is a choice for you to choose either or two dumbbells. You can also use a medical dumbbell for this specific purpose.

Rotated Elbows

Everyone has their own choice to shape their body. If you always get interested in focusing more and more on your back rather than the chest, then the rotating elbows technique is for you. You can slightly rotate your elbows medially. In these cases, the elbow will point more towards your feet than out to the side.

Stability Ball for Bench

This movement is a total body exercise. In this movement, you can stabilize muscles of your lower body and move muscles of the upper body. To do it, support the head and neck on the ball. For this modification, keep your hips stable by engaging your abdominal area and hamstrings.

Common Mistakes of Dumbbell Pullover Exercise

There are common mistakes that we can link with dumbbell pullover exercises. Consider these mistakes. These mistakes are:

Improper Starting Position

If you start the exercise by sitting in the middle of the bench, then probabilities are there that your neck, as well as head, may not be supported when you lay back.

Not Engaging the Core

While lifting the arms back and over your head, you can experience an arch to the spine. If you feel you are experiencing it, then engage your core.

Some other mistakes are:

  • Wrist Rotation and Flexion
  • Unequal Extension

Last Word on the Pullover Exercise

In a nutshell, to close the debate, we can say to perform the pullover exercise with a barbell or dumbbell. The pullover exercise has many advantages, including the strengthening of shoulder and chest muscles. The primary target of the pullover exercise is to provide strength to your chest and back muscles. There are various classifications and modifications to this exercise.

Each exercise has its worth and value. It is pretty worthy to note here that the health scenarios of individuals vary from person to person so, it’s up to you that what type of pullover exercise you want to opt for as per your health feasibility. The pullover exercise can provide power to the muscles of your upper body. It gives strength to your latissimus dorsi, triceps, serratus muscles, and pectoralis major.

If you want to strengthen your chest and back muscles, then you must opt for this exercise, but remember one thing:

“Opting an Exercise with Right Strategy is the Key to Success,”

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