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Weight Loss – How Rapid Diets Endanger Women’s Health

Rapid Weight Loss - How Dangerous Diets Impact Women's Health

Does rapid weight loss come with dangerous side effects? Societal standards manipulate millions of women each year to lose weight. There are piles of harmful weight loss information that trick women into experiencing rapid weight loss. These lies, fads, and scams victimize those vulnerable because of their desperation to lose weight.

Sadly, false sources of unreliable weight loss information cause vast amounts of women to develop eating disorders along with a poor self-image themselves. Wanting to lose weight is entirely okay if you are doing it in a healthy, sustainable way. Only trust certified medical and other health professionals if you’re going to learn how to lose weight without harming yourself. If you still wish to experience rapid weight loss, reconsider your motivations.

Here are some of the dangerous impacts caused by rapid weight loss in women.

Muscle Loss

When fast weight loss occurs, most of the weight that the person removed is muscle or water. Fat loss takes longer to achieve because of the buildup of the fat cells. If you cut too many calories, muscle loss will occur. This is because your muscle is the next source your energy will use to fuel your body. Therefore, intense calorie deficits are dangerous. Women already have less muscle mass than men, so they shouldn’t risk losing muscle to achieve their weight goal. Without powerful muscles, you won’t have the strength to burn off any fat.

“My responsibility is to prevent myself from ever sharing false information to my audience,” shares Lisa Rowe, fitness blogger at Write my X and 1 Day 2 write.

 Eating Disorders

Strict fat loss diets and schemes are a massive contributor to eating disorders. Young women are the most susceptible to eating disorders. Women will fall victim to achieving a near impossible figure. Society sets women up for failure because modern beauty standards are fake, photoshopped, and unobtainable to most.

Rapid weight loss diets primarily cause these two eating disorders: binge eating disorder and anorexia. Binge eating occurs when individuals give in to their need for all the essential calories and nutrients they are missing. Unfortunately, this causes binge eaters to gain more weight, continue their diet cycle hoping to achieve their goal, and feel bad about themselves.

Anorexia is the opposite of a binge eating disorder. Anorexia happens when those trying to lose weight barely eat, and as a result, become underweight. This can cause hospitalization and often death. People with anorexia may also force themselves to throw up any meals they end up eating. Nobody should feel that they have to stay on a strict diet only to develop an eating disorder because of all the dangers involved.

“Endless sources of false information exist online,” warns Ann Ryan, writer at Origin Writings and Brit Student.

Poor Nutrition

There are several types of rapid weight loss diets that result in poor nutrition. More common examples include juice cleanses, supplements, low-calorie diets, and ineffective fads like creams, pills, or remedies. Juice cleanses are popular amongst women. This diet trend usually starts with one woman recommending juice cleanses to her friends and social media audience. Unfortunately, this leads to a chain reaction of multiple women forcing themselves to only drink juice for a certain period with no other food source. This is just one example of a rapid weight loss approach that causes poor nutrition. Cutting around 200 calories is okay for most women.

There are many harmful impacts when calorie-cutting is taken to the extreme. We need to have a balanced diet to live and maintain our health. Side effects of poor nutrition in women include hair loss, loss of menstrual cycle, a weak immune system, brittle bones, and fatigue. However, despite what misleading sources may tell you, there is a way to lose weight while still receiving all necessary nutrients.

 Where to start?

 There are healthy options that you can try to lose weight safely. One of the best approaches is eating food in moderation. All food can be good or bad in specific quantities. Talk with your healthcare professional so you can curate a healthy lifestyle approach that will help you achieve weight loss. As a woman, don’t allow society to damage the relationship you have with your weight and overall health. Remember to watch out for red flags and consistently take care of yourself first.

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