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Weight Loss – Why Are You Still Fat, the Plain Hard Truth

weight loss - Why you are still fat and can't lose weight home workout not paying off

Why are you not losing weight? Here is the plain hard truth: you followed a weight loss plan for a year, but you did not create fat loss. These are some of the common questions we hear daily; you understand that weight loss is not a simple process. Therefore, in this article, we will explain why you are still fat and can’t lose weight.

Reasons you are still fat and can’t lose weight.

Below are common reasons you are still fat and can’t lose weight:

1. Overeating will make you fat and guarantee you don’t lose weight.

One of the most common reasons people don’t lose weight after many struggles is their eating habits. Consider several factors and use control when you are on a weight-loss mission. In this section, we will shed light on some of the common eating mistakes that act as a hindrance to your weight loss goal. These are:

●     Cutting calories is the primary reason people burn fat and lose weight.

People believe they can eat anything as long as they work out. However, in reality, for an effective weight loss program, control your diet. In case you are eating too many calories and don’t work out enough, then all the extra calories are stored as fat in your body. Many studies show that people who are underestimating their calories struggle to lose weight.

What to Do: To avoid this issue and continue with your weight loss journey, you must track your calories. There are many helpful resources like a calorie calculator that can help you keep track of your calorie intake. Tracking your calories is also vital if you want to reach a specific nutrient goal.

●     Binge eating will quickly sabotage a diet and prevent you from burning fat and losing weight.

One of the common side effects or downside of dieting is binge eating. Keep in mind that when I say binge eating, it includes eating unhealthy food like junk food, and healthy food like nuts, cheese, etc., can ruin your diet.

Those who binge eat junk food can identify their problem quickly. However, with binge eating healthy food, people rarely understand it and think they are doing nothing wrong. Because of binge eating healthy food, you can mess up your weight loss journey.

What to Do: Avoid binge eating by using a calorie tracker. It is the easiest way to learn how many calories you have consumed and when to stop eating. Besides, you can also use portion control to avoid binge eating. The best portion control methods are measuring utensils, plates, and your hand.

●     Mindlessly Eating is a sure-fire way to pack on calories and fat.

Many people will argue that mindless eating can be a problem. However, in reality, it is a big problem, especially for dieters. One rule to follow for losing weight is to eat mindfully. In simple terms, you must have a conscious connection between your hands and mouth. However, when you eat in front of the TV or other distractions, you lose the connection between your hand and mouth. As a result of which you end up eating more than your limit.

What to Do: For mindful eating, always prepare your food to understand how much care goes into preparing the food you eat. Never eat in front of a TV, laptop, or mobile device. Try to make it your habit to eat at a dining table.

●     Skipping meals may sound great, but it makes you hungrier and leads to overeating, which prevents you from burning fat and losing weight.

Among many misconceptions about weight loss, one of the common is that you have to skip meals. People do this to cut their calorie intake by eating very little throughout the day. However, if you push your body to stay hungry, your body will also cause you to eat.

Because this deprivation can backfire, and you will end up eating more. Your body’s protective mechanism will force you to binge eat to fill up for the lost calories. So, when you end up overeating, your diet is ruined, and you cannot lose weight.

What to do: Prepare your food schedule when you are trying to lose weight. And one important thing, instead of skipping a meal or eating too little, try to consume food that contains fewer calories but keeps you full longer. It can help you to achieve your goal without hunger.

●     Eating the Wrong Type of Food won’t keep you full and cause your body to crave the nutrients it needs.

Another big eating problem that can stop your weight loss program is eating the wrong type of food. Those who are on a weight loss program should never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it prepares your body for the entire day.

However, if you miss a healthy breakfast, it will work against your diet. Another mistake is eating too little protein and too much carbohydrate. Experts found 40 grams of protein following resistance training led to higher muscle protein synthesis than 20 grams. Make no mistake, you need protein to burn fat and build muscle. Carbs are an instant energy source, so you must consume fewer carbs to start the fat-burning process for weight loss.

What to Do: To avoid this problem, try to increase your daily protein consumption and consume fewer carbs. Avoid cereal, pancakes, and other process foods for breakfast and focus on more rich protein foods like eggs.

2. Have you ever seen a muscular couch potato? Yeah, right!

If you think you don’t have any issue with your diet and are following a proper weight-loss diet, look at your lifestyle. How much do you walk and stand during the day?

Another crucial component of a weight loss regime is exercise or workout. If you are working out too little or are not working at all, you won’t achieve your desired results. It includes:

●     Not workout and staying active is a great way to keep fat and not lose weight.

Do the right workout to burn enough calories. However, it is quite challenging to understand the right workout for you. Apart from not doing any workout, sometimes people do workouts but still don’t get any results.

Doing the proper workout the wrong way will not get you to result. Also, not doing enough of the right workout will be a waste of time.

What to do: Add the right workout to your routine. Plan your workout routine by looking at your overall weight loss program to know how much exercise you need. For weight loss, trainers recommend exercising 60 to 90 minutes each day. And those who go with a high-intensity workout do it 30 minutes daily. Also, you can try to be active by taking a short walk, standing, or stretch.

●     Adding variety to your workout keeps you excited and in the gym, which leads to burning stomach fat and losing weight.

Another common workout problem that can reduce your workout’s effectiveness is you don’t vary your workouts. If you are doing the same exercise routine, there is a high possibility that you may no longer get anything from it.

Repeating the same exercise every day can reduce your motivation and excitement about the workout. It can also put your body into the sedimentary regime.

What to Do: Add variation in your exercise by adding different workouts to avoid boredom and lack of motivation. Besides, you can also look at other effects of weightlifting workouts for beginners or advanced lifters.

●     Skipping Cardio is a horrible idea because burning body fat requires energy and oxygen.

Aerobic exercises, commonly referred to as cardio exercises, are exercises that can increase heart rate. It typically includes jogging, running, swimming, cycling, etc. It is an effective way to burn fat fast. However, many people don’t realize their importance. As a result of which they don’t add these forms of exercises in their workout program.

What to Do: Add any form of cardio exercise you find easy or suitable. You can go walking, jogging, or cycling. All of them are equally helpful and effective. Keep yourself busy by playing games or shopping.

3. Toxic emotions and relationships drain your energy and cause you to turn to food for emotional support.

This comes as a surprise for many people, but toxic relationships have a substantial impact on your weight. Unhealthy relationships and emotions can affect many factors that lead to weight gain or affect the process of weight loss. It can affect your sleep and energy levels.

●     Stress is a byproduct of toxic emotions and relationships, so you already know what it does.

There is a direct relationship between stress and weight gains. Stress can lead to many health issues and problems. Pressure can increase food cravings because you will end up eating more. Besides, it can also raise cortisol levels, which can deprive sleep and increase appetite.

What to Do: To avoid stress from toxic relationships, always choose your relationship carefully, and opt for a positive relationship instead of a negative one.

4. Other reasons you are still fat and can’t lose weight

Apart from these issues common causes, some other reasons can affect your weight loss problem. These include:

  • You lack sleep.
  • You are suffering from some medical illnesses.
  • You drink too little water.
  • You are not avoiding sugary drinks.

Last words – on why you are still fat and can’t lose weight

In summary, to burn fat and lose weight, avoid overeating, sitting all day, process foods, and toxic relationships. Also, eat mindfully, use portion control, a calorie tracker, eat more protein, walk, stretch, and stand more. Finally, get in the gym, lift weights, and do some cardio. Any activities work when you are just starting. The key is to stay consistent and compliant until you reach a plateau.


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