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Destructive Myths – A List of 3 of the Biggest Fat Loss Lies

There are many myths and facts about fat loss; some are down and right out lies. You must develop an understanding of fat. Your body stores food as fat once it does not need it for energy.   Many readers also read stomach fat – myths that destroy your weight loss goal. Here are three of the biggest myths about fat loss:

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A calorie deficit causes a fat loss.

 We wish it were that simple, but it’s not. A calorie deficit helps with fat loss in the right situation but does not cause a fat loss. We know you have heard it a hundred times. Create a calorie deficit, and you will lose body fat. Your body is a complex organism that happens to be very flexible. It takes the same situation and handles it differently each time. Here are three things your body can do with a calorie deficit:

  1. Slow down your metabolism
  2. Burn Muscle
  3. Burn Fat

Most of the time, your body will slow down your metabolism first to conserve energy. Your body follows the laws of physics, like everything else in the Universe. The law of energy conservation prevents matter from being destroyed.

After your body slows down your metabolism, it begins to burn muscle and body fat for energy. The rate at which your body burns both depends on many factors. If your body feels threatened, it will burn more muscle and less fat. If it feels safe, it will burn more fat and less muscle. A calorie deficit can lead to fat loss when done correctly.

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Sugar makes you fat

 It depends on how you eat it. Anything you eat can make you fat if you overdo it. The body needs sugar to live. Natural sugar from fruits and vegetables does not cause health and fitness problems. The added, artificial, and processed sugars are bad for you.

Those types of sugars are not real sugars according to nature. That is the name given to them by corporations who want you to feel safe while eating and drinking them. The problem with these sugars is that they pack too many calories and chemicals into a small serving size, which turns into a fat bomb.

Real sugar comes with other nutrients and fiber to balance the effect they have on your body. The next time you have a sweet tooth, reach for an apple or orange and know that you are doing the right thing. It’s not a choice. Many in the food industry want you to believe that eating an apple is the same as eating a candy bar because they both have sugar. I know you know better.

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Happy children and parents with dog as family running in the nature

Exercise causes fat loss. 

Exercise is a supplement which you should do in addition to natural activities. The purpose of workouts is to help you get healthy and fit. A gym is like a candy store because you can choose what you want to do based on how you want your body to change. Your body responds to exercise immediately.

Even though fat is a part of your body, it is different from your body. Fat does not respond to workouts quickly or separately. Fat responds to a collection of things, including your diet, metabolism, natural activities, and exercise. A sensible diet, healthy metabolism, and natural events are necessary for fat loss because they create a balance that causes fat to respond.

The last word on the most destructive fat loss myths that prevent you from reaching your fitness goals.

Some activities are necessary for life and require a certain amount of energy. The body’s metabolism defines these activities. The heart, kidneys, liver, and brain are 6% of the body’s mass but 51% of its metabolism.

Most of the calories you need daily require you to do absolutely nothing. Your resting metabolism uses these calories. There is a method to burn body fat. The best way to burn body fat is to not waste your time on things that do not work. You burn fat or food for energy when the body is at work. To burn more fat, move more.

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