Stomach Fat Myths - A List of the Top 7 Worst Offenders

Stomach Fat Myths – A List of the Top 7 Worst Offenders

“What’s the biggest stomach fat myths today?” One of the most often asked questions with a variety of answers. Many of the solutions are incorrect and may prevent you from reaching your weight loss goal.

Here are examples of the most common myths about losing stomach fat:

Myth #1. Crunches and sit-ups burn stomach fat

No, you can’t crunch your way to a flatter stomach. Ab exercises are not a great way to burn stomach fat. Performing endless crunches and abdominal exercises do sculpt your stomach muscles. After you finish killing yourself with crunches and sit-ups, the stomach fat remains. Stomach fat covers up your sexy abs you worked hard to get and prevents you from seeing them.

Myth #2. Stomach fat wreaks havoc on your body and causes water retention and bloating

While there is such a thing as bloating, stomach fat is stomach fat, and temporary bloating is bloating. Discomfort, gas, and indigestion accompany bloating. It doesn’t add ten pounds to the scale or six inches to your waist.

Myth #3. It’s just fat; it’s harmless

This is a dangerous myth: there are two types of fat in your body: subcutaneous fat, you can see in the mirror, and then there is visceral (stomach) fat that surrounds your internal organs. Excess visceral (stomach) fat causes high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Myth #4. I’ll just diet (starve myself) until it goes away

Drastically reducing your food intake is detrimental to your health and well-being. It may also cause you to gain stomach fat. If you drastically cut back your calorie instead of improving the quality of your calories, you’ll slow your metabolism. Drastically reducing your food intake also promotes the release of stress hormones that add to your stomach fat.

Myth #5. It’s called a “beer” belly; I’ll switch to light beer

Too many calories or the wrong calories cause Visceral and subcutaneous fat. While switching to light beer might decrease your calorie intake, corn syrup, deep-fried sugars, and processed flour cause your stomach fat to grow. Eat more nutrient-dense foods and fewer calorie-dense foods. Sugar-free drinks may not be a safe option as the artificial sweeteners they contain can cause you to consume more calories.

Myth #6. If I stop eating before bedtime, I’ll burn stomach fat

A calorie is a calorie, regardless of the time you eat it. A calorie from fat or sugar is not the same as a calorie from lean protein or complex carbs like fruit or vegetables. The quality and quantity of the foods you eat are more important than when you eat them.

Myth #7. I’ll take diet pills for my stomach fat

The people who manufacture and sell diet pills work hard to make you believe that you can take pills (without dieting and exercise) and, magically, no more stomach fat. Weight loss requires changing your lifestyle. A combination of real (natural) foods in the right variety and quantity with regular, moderate exercise can cause you to lose stomach fat!

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