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Workout Programs – The 5 Best Training Routines for Bodybuilders

What is the best workout to help you build your perfect body? The workout program is your blueprint for building muscle or burning fat. Your chosen workout program determines your sets, reps, weight, and rest time. You can use an excellent workout program to get in shape as a beginner or advanced user. In this article, we will focus on everything you need to know:

  1. How to start a fitness workout program
  2. The best fitness workout routine you should follow and how to test it
  3. Comparison of the top 5 fitness workout routines and how they fit your schedule
  4. The prices and the core areas of various programs
  5. How you can use a plan to build muscle mass fast

So, without further ado, let us start with the fitness workout programs for weightlifting training.

Upper body and Lower Body Workout Program

First on our list is the Upper Body and Lower Body Workout program. It is perfect for individuals and groups alike. It targets core muscle groups, including the biceps, triceps, and chest muscles. In addition, you can use a lower body program to focus on the legs and back.

You get a composite workout program in this exercise routine. Experts suggest using the upper body and lower body workout program to build your fitness level. However, like every other workout program, it has its fair share of pros and cons, and we will discuss each.


  1. The program is a four-day training program, and you will be targeting two muscles each day. It segments the core muscle that comes first and its complimentary muscle. If you focus on a muscle group such as the biceps one day, your back muscles complement your bicep muscles, and you need to target them on the same day. Similarly, the chest and triceps go together.
  2. The muscle program focuses on beginners, which is excellent. Why? Most other programs do not target new trainees. If you need a workout program for a self-starter, this program will undoubtedly be of immense help.
  3. It is one of the cheapest options, considering the advice it offers, the user manuals, and the forum where you can interact daily to find the best fitness advice.

The program perfectly combines fitness, workouts, and insight for upper and lower-body movements.


  1. The Upper Body and Lower Body Workout program are just too basic. This workout program will not be the best option if you have a sense of weightlifting and know how to follow fitness regimes. Although it does have a great exercise routine that you can follow for advanced users, the program will not cut it.
  2. It only focuses on two muscle groups in a single day. So, you will have to wait for the next day to focus on the next muscle group. You cannot change your schedule without disturbing the flow of the exercises.
  3. The program is available four days a week. Unfortunately, this means if you miss a day, even accidentally, you will have to start a workout from the start again. This is a significant flaw that can disturb the whole week’s routine.

Overall, this Upper Body and Lower Body Workout program is a great workout program, especially if you want to get into pure weightlifting and have no clue how to get started.

Unlike another science-focused weightlifting program, it focuses on the basics, i.e., building muscle mass the traditional way. You do not need to follow an intense diet routine or increase muscle intensity to benefit from the workout. It is a simple program that anyone can quickly grasp and get started. Now that we have reviewed this program let us move to the 5X5 workout program.

5X5 Workout Program

Every bodybuilder has a routine – a secret that they always follow. The method helps to get started and complete a workout. This is what the 5X5 workout program does for the user.

There is a hardcore science behind the development of the 5X5 workout program. There is a saying in the bodybuilding community that five reps are enough to build muscles. More reps are just overkill, and they only waste your time and energy. The 5X5 workout program uses a pattern of five sets and five repetitions during each exercise.

This weightlifting program focuses on the whole-body workout.

So, you will get to target the upper body, the lower body, and even the abs and back muscles. Consider all these segments with a 3-day or 6-day workout routine. You can start with a 3-day workout routine and move the level up to a 6-day workout routine when you get used to the workout.

The beauty of the 5×5 is you can perform it any way you want. You do not need to learn from fitness trainers; the program contains manuals, exercises, and charts you can follow. It is also an excellent program for anyone who is just getting into weightlifting but has no idea where to start. This workout follows the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid).

Let us check out the pros and cons of the 5X5 workout program.


  1. The 5X5 workout program is perfect for training the whole body. If you do not know about weightlifting, it has a progression module that you can follow. It is a step-by-step training module, allowing you to get started with the 5X5 workout program without any worries.
  2. The 5X5 workout program is considered the most weight-focused program. So, you are bound to get hungry after a good workout day. In addition, since your testosterone level will increase rapidly, you will feel hungry and dizzy due to the exercises. Experts often recommend that weightlifters have a three to six-month history behind them before they get into the 5X5 workout program.


  1. The program will be rough for beginners because of the demanding exercises they must follow during the three days of workouts. However, it must not be considered a run-of-the-mill program that anyone can follow because it is not.
  2. A program is simply a killing machine. If you train in other sports during the three-day gap period, this program will snatch all your energy. In the end, you will not have time for any different fitness routine when following this program to its fullest.

German Volume Training Workout

It is not a German-made training program. Germanic people were one of the most challenging people in Europe’s history, and the inventor of the German Volume Training program named it after them. Its focuses on the core muscles of the body.

Unlike the 5X5 program, the German Volume Training weightlifting program focuses on HIIT workouts. You will start with 5X reps in the first week and then move to 10X reps with the same set of weights. The program stretches muscle mass, so it is considered one of the leanest weightlifting programs available on the market.

German Volume Training targets all core muscles, just like 5X5 training.

It has appropriately segmented each routine separately. You get to start with the basics, but you advance in training based on your work level. It is also not for the beginner’s program. If you are beginning, there are other programs on the list that you can easily follow. These programs may offer you even more leverage and can be a terrific way to boost your confidence.

German Volume Training program, on the other hand, focuses on hardcore weightlifting trainers. It is a robust program; you can burn yourself out by following it to the core. In addition, it is a 3-day program, so you can have ample time to rest and repair those burned muscles.

Let us see what this program has on offer:


  1. Want to build muscle at an incredible pace? Then, the German Volume Training is just for you. It is a HIIT + 5X5 combination training program, and you will find it a killer when it comes to workout training.
  2. Keeping proper diet control is necessary for the German Volume Training program. The program will not work if you do not train your body correctly and provide it with the food you need. Therefore, it is better not to start with the German Volume Training program if you are not ready yet.
  3. It requires a higher-calorie diet. This is not built for you if you are just an office worker looking to work out on the side. It is better to stay away and take the upper body and lower body workout program that is more focused on regular people.


  • You will not have time for anything else after a challenging workout every three days. Like the 5×5 workout program, the German Volume Training will drain every inch of energy from your body. You will not have time for cardio, street workouts, or anything else. Please give it a thought before you start it. B t at the same time, it can be a great program to work your muscles.

FST 7 Program Workout

People who believe in science and fitness prefer the FST 7 Program. It is a short form of fascia stretch training. Fascia is the muscle ligament that we stretch to add more muscle mass. The guys behind FST 7 Program know what they are doing. They have years of experience in mind-body science, and they have developed this program based on the same principles.

Each exercise focuses on a single core muscle. The program is based on 3-day training, giving you enough time to relax your muscles. However, if you are not sure how to get started, then the FST 7 Program offers instructional manuals, documentation, and training regimes to get you started.

In short, it is a proven way to build muscle fast through a step-by-step process. Consider that a fitness coach trains you daily, not just a program you bought over the internet.


  1. FST 7 Program focuses on muscle stretches. If you are unsure what type of muscle mass will work best for you, leave it to the professionals. They know what muscle to target and which day to target that muscle.
  2. Again, diet planning is necessary for the FST 7 Program. You can get started without diet planning, but it will not provide the best results for you. It is always better to get started with a proper diet routine.


  1. The program has a recovery phase. For example, if you train and then have volleyball practice the next day, that will not be possible with the FST 7 Program in the first few weeks because of muscle repair.
  2. Some exercises may daunt you initially, but the best option is to stick with them and give the program time to adjust. Your body will soon follow suit, and you will have enough energy to pursue your other passions.


You can follow these weightlifting programs for a proper workout to build muscles fast. So, make sure to follow scientifically-backed principles. The training is simply a schedule that tells you when and how. The principles determine the results.

Follow these principles to get the best results: progressive overload training and the grandaddy principles. So, don’t forget to combine your workout program with a diet plan supporting your fitness goals. For example, if you are trying to build muscle without fat, you need to eat a lot of protein.

The best workout program you can select is the one that is compatible with your personality. The one that you enjoy sticking with and provide the best results. If you are still unsure how to get started or which program to follow, check out our more detailed workout programs. 

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