2022 Joe Weider's Fitness and Performance Weekend Winners

2022 Joe Weider’s Fitness and Performance Weekend Winners

In 2022, the world’s top bodybuilders gathered at Joe Weider’s Fitness and Performance Weekend to compete to be crowned champion in their division. Athletes competed in five categories: Mr. Olympia, 212 Olympia, Classic Physique Olympia, Men’s Physique Olympia, and Wheelchair Olympia. Here is a look at who won each division and what they had to say about their win.

Hadi Choopan Wins Mr. Olympia 2022

Mr. Olympia – Hadi Choopan

Hadi Choopan was crowned Mr. Olympia 2022 for the first time after an impressive showing on stage. Hadi takes home $400,000 in prize money for his efforts. Choopan said of his win, “I’m proud to represent the bodybuilding community and what is possible with hard work and dedication. It means a lot to me that I can also inspire others to reach their goals.” He added that he was “ecstatic” when his name was announced as the winner of Mr. Olympia.

Shaun Clarida 212 Olympia

212 Olympia – Shaun Clarida

Shaun Clarida won this year’s 212 Olympia title after an inspiring performance on stage. Shaun took home $50,000 for winning the 212 Olympia. He said of his victory, “It feels amazing! I have been working towards this for years, and finally, accomplishing it makes me so proud of myself.” Ingram has been bodybuilding since he was 18 years old and said that winning 212 made him realize how far he has come in terms of both physical fitness and mental stamina.

Chris Bumstead Front Top Pose

Classic Physique Olympia – Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead took home the title of Classic Physique Olympian for 2022 for the fourth time after an intense competition against other contenders. Chris wins $50,000 in prize money for his victory. He said upon accepting his award, “It feels incredible to call myself a Classic Physique Olympian! I am grateful to those who supported me throughout my journey and the Olympia.” Chris has competed and won in previous Olympias. Still, this win was extraordinary for him because the competition was fierce.

Men’s Physique Olympia – Erin Banks

Men’s Physique Olympia – Erin Banks

Erin Banks won this year’s Men’s Physique Olympics title with an impressive display of strength and athleticism on stage. As a result, Erin Banks earns $50,000 for winning the men’s Physique Olympia for the first time. After claiming his victory, Banks expressed his gratitude saying, “Winning this title means more than words can express! I’m incredibly thankful for everyone who believed in me throughout my journey here today.” Banks has been training since he was 15 years old, and winning this competition marked a significant milestone in his career as a professional bodybuilder.

Wheelchair Olympia 2022 – Harold Kelley 2022 Joe Weider's Weekend

Wheelchair Olympia – Harold Kelley

Harold Kelley dominated the Wheelchair Olympic category this year with an electrifying performance on stage that left no doubt about who deserved the victory lap around the venue when it was all over! Kelly, aka King Kong, is a 5-time Wheelchair Olympia champion. He expressed his excitement, saying, “I still cannot believe I am standing here today after all these years of hard work! This win means everything to me!” Kelley has been competing since he began using a wheelchair seven years ago due to muscular dystrophy. However, despite many obstacles, he never gave up on following his dreams of becoming an Olympian champion one day.

The Last Word on The 2022 Joe Weider’s Fitness and Performance Weekend Winners

The 2022 Joe Weider’s Fitness & Performance Weekend saw fantastic performances from athletes across five divisions vying for their glory! In each category, there were inspiring stories of personal struggle leading up to these victories—stories that remind you that anything is possible if you stay determined enough! Congratulations again to all 2021 Joe Weider’s Fitness & Performance Weekend winners; we look forward to seeing what next year will bring!

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