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Is William Bonac the 2022 Mr. Olympia Champion?

Every year, bodybuilding enthusiasts wait to see who will be crowned Mr. Olympia. This year is no different, as fans have their eyes squarely set on William Bonac as a potential winner of the coveted title. But what makes him a contender for the crown? What has he been up to lately? Let’s look at his recent performance, strengths, metrics, and the people he’s been training with to get an idea of how this bodybuilder stacks up against the competition.

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Recent Performance:

The most recent Mr. Olympia contest was held in December 2020, where William Bonac placed 3rd place behind Brandon Curry and Roelly Winklaar. Despite not winning, it was still an impressive showing from Bonac as he overcame some of the best bodybuilders in the world and secured a spot on the podium. He also competed at the Arnold Classic in early 2021 and placed 4th overall after losing out to Lukas Osladil by just one point in the final round of judging.

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William Bonac is renowned for having some of the best symmetry in professional bodybuilding today due to his well-rounded physique that features impressive size and shape throughout all significant muscle groups. His shoulders are especially noteworthy as they appear broad and rounded, while his back muscles have incredible detail that stands out even when viewed from a distance. His legs are also incredibly powerful yet proportionate, giving him an incredibly balanced look on stage that many competitors lack.


Regarding metric measurements, William Bonac stands at 5ft 8in tall and weighs around 290 lbs when working out for contests—a relatively small size compared to some of his fellow competitors but one that allows him to maintain great definition even when bulking up for shows. His arms measure 21 inches while his chest is 45 inches around; both are suitable sizes for someone who isn’t attempting massive weight gains but instead focuses more on perfecting proportions over sheer mass size gains during preparation for shows.

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Training Partners:

Over the years, William Bonac has trained with some of the best athletes in professional bodybuilding, including Cedric McMillan, Victor Martinez, Branch Warren, Shawn Rhoden, Big Ramy, and many others—all have enjoyed success in various competitions themselves. Hence, it’s clear their advice has impacted Bonac’s performance over time and helped hone his technique during workouts leading up to events such as Mr. Olympia 2022.

The Last Word on William Bonac

From everything we know about him so far, it seems like William Bonac is shaping up nicely ahead of Mr. Olympia 2022—he’s got excellent form both onstage and offstage, combined with great metrics that make him stand out from most other competitors despite being slightly smaller than them all; not only that but he’s trained alongside some truly elite athletes over time which has undoubtedly helped improve his own game too! If he can keep this momentum going, then there’s no doubt we could see him crowned champion come September 2022! Only time will tell if that happens, though, so stay tuned! All we can say right now is – Go, Willaim! You’ve got our support!

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