3 Reasons You Should Track Your Fitness Progress

3 Reasons You Should Track Your Fitness Progress

When starting a fitness routine, you can expect to keep track of many goals and objections. Between training sessions, nutrition, water intake, and sleep, it’s easy to lose yourself in the numbers and calculations. Whether it be weight loss or a body recomposition that emphasizes shredding and muscle growth, tracking your progress throughout your journey is a crucial element that helps you attain your goals. That said, here are three reasons you should track your fitness progress.


Enforces Accountability

Having accountability in fitness means upholding responsibility in your physical activity, nutrition, and how you incorporate both to promote progress. You can track your fitness progress in a journal or notebook.

To hold yourself accountable in your fitness journey, you can establish a specific goal and state smaller, short-term objectives to help keep you on track.

For instance, you may have a specific target weight in mind, so you’ll want to limit your grocery budget. By making this minor shift, you’ll remain mindful of allocating funds toward healthier food items that promote balanced nutrition and better food habits.

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Provides Motivation

Motivation is key when it comes to maintaining your fitness goals. It takes so much time to notice your weight loss or muscle growth. Some people become discouraged by the scale, thinking that those numbers are a detrimental factor in your progress.

Fortunately, your fitness and worth are more than the numbers on the scale! Take progress photos each week to document your journey; these photos may display weight loss and muscle growth in ways your measurements and bathroom scale won’t. This method is a fantastic motivator that encourages you to stay on track.

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Breaks Down Training for Better Understanding

Tracking your progress is famous among strength training enthusiasts and powerlifters and may entail writing down your training for the day. This would include movements, sets, and reps that you can adjust according to how your body feels during that time.

As you move forward throughout a program, you can refer back to earlier sessions and their notes to determine your progressive overload. By writing down your sessions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your activity and how it works with your body to promote gains.

There are plenty of reasons you should track your fitness progress. For one, the action holds you accountable, allowing you to visualize your changes throughout the endeavor. The more you persist and keep at your objective, the more you’ll realize and appreciate your progress, propelling you closer to achieving your goals.

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