Refreshing Breaks – 7 Easy Ways to Reset Your Outlook

How do you use these seven easy, refreshing breaks that can reset your outlook? We’ve all been there: the morning starts okay, but then one thing after another goes wrong. After a certain point, it feels like there’s no way to turn the day around. You may as well cut your losses and binge-watch TV on the couch. But, of course, that’s an entirely human and expected response. However, you can hit the reset button many ways and get back into things. So the next time you’re having a bad day, try one of these simple strategies. Ten minutes later, you’ll be ready to get back on the horse (or be ready to consider riding again).

1. Try a calming 10-minute yoga routine for refreshing breaks.

While all yoga forms have benefits, some help you relax more, while others are more intensive. For instance, ashtanga yoga is a great way to work your core, but for days when you need to relax your mind more than tighten your abs, this 10-Minute Yoga routine is ideal.

2. Sketch something and give your mind refreshing breaks and resets.

Experts have shown making art lowers stress, improves focus, and reduce anxiety—and if you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, don’t worry. Instead, reduce the pressure by simply drawing whatever is right in front of you. For example, you can draw a dog, a plant on the windowsill or mail spread out on a table. Let your brain relax and try to see what’s really in front of you rather than what you think you’re supposed to see.

3. Prepare a healthy little snack to give your mind a break.

When you’re busy or stressed, it’s easy to think you don’t have time to eat. But no matter what’s going on, a snack can help give you a little energy boost. Here are some great, easy recipe options for when you have a few minutes to put something together, but if you have zero time on your hands, try this healthful treat instead: a handful of almonds, a couple of dates, and some dried coconut chips, mixed in a bowl. This combination isn’t just tasty; nature filled them with healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and fiber. Thus, you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body now, an hour later, and a day later.

4. Facetime with a friend to relax and enjoy refreshing breaks.

Schedule a break you can look forward to throughout the day. For example, you can text a friend in the morning to see if they have a 10-minutes to chat. It doesn’t have to be an extensive conversation to be meaningful. A small catch-up with someone you care about can benefit you both.

5. Go for a quick nature walk for refreshing breaks by changing your environment.

Ten minutes may not sound like enough time to enjoy the outside. However, a quick walk outdoors can help reset your body and spirit. Whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or the city, you can appreciate the surrounding nature. A sweeping mountain view or a squirrel running across a telephone wire can provide entertainment and a refreshing break.

6. Practice another language for refreshing breaks and a chance to try something new.

Research studies repeatedly proved that learning a new language provided refreshing breaks: it’s an excellent exercise for your brain. Every small win of learning—and then remembering—an unfamiliar word or phrase can give you a little dopamine boost. Many educators believe that spending just ten minutes a day learning another language is far more effective than a weekly two-hour class, whether the student uses an app, podcast, or book.

7. Try a guided meditation for refreshing breaks.

Meditation can intimidate many people. Every time your mind wanders, you tend to feel you’re not “doing it right.” You can do a soothing guided meditation to relax. It never hurts to let someone else do the work of keeping you focused on the present moment.

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