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Category: Professional Bodybuilders – What You Can Learn From the Best

  • Phil Heath – How to Use His Bodybuilding Workout Plan

    Would you like to know more about Phil Heath’s bodybuilding journey? He won Mr. Olympia seven times from 2011 to 2017. We study the greats not to be like them but to learn from them. Phil Heath provides a lot of insight into building the perfect body. While you don’t have to do everything he […]

  • Roelly Winklaar – Use a Bodybuilding Workout Like the Beast

    Are you looking to take your bodybuilding to the next level? Then, we have just the guy who can show you how to do it. Roelly Winklaar is a bodybuilder; the world knows him as ‘THE BEAST’ because of his massive physique. He is a professional IFBB Dutch bodybuilder who placed 5th at Mr. Olympia. […]

  • Legendary Bodybuilders – The 5 Best Tips for Building Muscle

    How can you use legendary bodybuilders’ advice to improve your workout? Fitness experts load the Internet with overwhelming tips and advice to boost your bodybuilding journey. That’s why we have jotted down tips from legendary bodybuilders so that you know what’s best for you. 1. “Hard work and training. There’s no secret formula. I lift […]

  • Lou Ferrigno – The First Incredible Hulk Was a Bodybuilder

    Lou Ferrigno, a bodybuilder, earned recognition in bodybuilding. Also, we know him for some roles he played on tv as an actor. However, since he picked up a barbell for the first time at 12, he made his mark by building an impressive body. As a result, Ferrigno became the hero of many action films. […]

  • Dexter Jackson – Fearless, One of the Best Bodybuilders Ever

    Dexter Jackson bodybuilder, a renowned IFBB professional, won more titles than any other bodybuilder. Subsequently, he dominated bodybuilding for three decades. One of his most remarkable achievements, Mr. Olympia 2008, highlighted a noteworthy career. Dexter Jackson, the bodybuilder, won people’s hearts worldwide because of his extensive accomplishment. He inspired many gym enthusiasts with his hard […]