The Most Unforgettable Stage Falls in Bodybuilding History

The Most Unforgettable Stage Falls in Bodybuilding History

Are you curious about the most unforgettable stage falls in bodybuilding history? While bodybuilding is often seen as a serious sport, there’s no denying that it can be hilarious sometimes. Some of the most iconic moments in bodybuilding history have come from stage falls—those embarrassing slips, trips, and tumbles that can occur on the competition floor.

Flex Wheeler Pose Does a split

Look at seven of the most unforgettable stage falls in bodybuilding history!

Gunter Schlierkamp’s “The Fall of Zeus” –

Gunter Schlierkamp was a well-known German bodybuilder who competed during the early 2000s. At the 2001 Mr. Olympia competition, Schlierkamp attempted to do a one-arm handstand press but took an unexpected trip off the stage! This now-infamous incident has been dubbed “The Fall of Zeus” and remains one of the most memorable moments in bodybuilding history.

Flex Lewis Escapes Injury –

Flex Lewis is one of the top professional bodybuilders today, but even he has had his share of embarrassing falls! For example, during the 2016 Arnold Classic event in South Africa, Lewis attempted to do a backflip off the stage but slipped and fell instead! Fortunately, he escaped injury, but it is an amusing story.

Ronnie Coleman Too Big for His Good –

One of Ronnie Coleman’s most famous quotes is “Everybody Wants To Be A Bodybuilder But Don’t Nobody Want To Lift No Heavy Ass Weights.” However, that statement takes on new meaning when considering how Coleman tried to lift too much weight during his 1999 Mr. Olympia performance! After attempting to hoist an enormous dumbbell over his head while standing on stage, Coleman lost control and fell flat on his face! Ouch!

Jay Cutler is another well-known professional bodybuilder

Jay Cutler Gets Unlucky –

Jay Cutler is another well-known professional bodybuilder with quite a few memorable moments under his belt (no pun intended!). Cutler was performing some classic poses during a 2004 IFBB Pro Ironman show in California when he unexpectedly slipped off the side of the stage! Although Cutler laughed it off afterward, this fall is one of his more embarrassing moments.

Roelly Winklaar Takes a Tumble –

When you think about Dutch bodybuilders, Roelly Winklaar likely comes to mind—and for a good reason; he’s one of the most successful competitors today! But even Winklaar isn’t immune from embarrassment; during a 2016 IFBB Pro Classic show, he attempted to do an impressive jump up onto the stage only to land flat on his stomach instead! It just goes to show that even pros make mistakes sometimes…

Shawn Ray Gives Out Hugs –

Shawn Ray—is another veteran competitor who has experienced many ups and downs throughout his career (literally!). During a 2010 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding show, Ray attempted to do some gymnastics-style poses only to slip offstage mid-routine and give out hugs instead (literally!). While this moment certainly wasn’t what Ray had planned, it did provide some much-needed comic relief during an otherwise intense atmosphere.

Phil Heath Listening to Music

Phil Heath Spins Out Of Control –

Last but not least, we have Phil Heath’s 2017 Mr. Olympia performance, where he spun around too fast trying to pump up and almost lost balance before being saved by some quick-thinking spotters behind him!! Phil managed to keep himself from falling entirely, but he also kept going with his routine, making this near fall extra memorable!!

The Last Word on Most Unforgettable Stage Falls in Bodybuilding History

All in all, these seven unforgettable stage falls are a testament to how seriously bodybuilders take their craft and how unpredictable competitions can be!! From Flex Lewis’ backflip gone wrong or Jay Cutlers slipping offstage–these bloopers are reminders that even professionals make mistakes now and then!! But, as they say, you live, learn, and never forget your first fall!! Have fun out there & stay safe, everyone!!

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