No Weights – The Top 3 Chest Exercises to Perform Anytime

No Weights – The Top 3 Chest Exercises to Perform Anytime

How do you perform chest exercises without weights? The chest is one of the most powerful body parts. However, building chest muscles can be challenging.

Thus, you can do the best chest exercises to look like a bodybuilder and create the perfect chest with barbells, cables, and dumbbell weights. Unfortunately, people do not always have the time or resources to go to the gym.

Perfect Chest Exercises Without Weights

Do you want to work out at home? Do not worry; we have your back. This article will discuss home exercises that build your chest without weights and other gym equipment.

1. Start with a Warmup

Before getting into chest exercises, warming up is a must. Start with arm circles to get your joints moving. Next, do jumping jacks for at least a minute to get your heartbeat racing. Also, you can start with low-intensity exercises like jogging, running, or shadowboxing. Finally, do a couple of pushups. The best way to warm up is to do a lighter version of the exercise you will perform. Thus, warming up can get your body going and increase the efficiency of your workout.

2. Pushups

Pushups are essential for gaining chest muscles and are one of the best chest exercises without weights. Also, doing incline and decline pushups can help to increase your chest. Incline pushups are great for beginners. Place your hands on a coffee table or dumbbells and start doing pushups. You should use a higher surface to get better results.

Incline pushups help with lower chest and back muscles. With decline pushups, put your feet on a higher surface. The higher you place your feet, the more challenging the exercise. Declines grow your upper chest and front shoulder muscles. It is best to start with standard pushups before doing incline and decline. Pushups are the most popular perfect chest exercise you can do at home without weights.

They are compound exercises that work the chest, shoulders, and arms. You can perform pushups in the same way you perform the bench press. Thus, they give you similar results. Wide-grip, standard-grip, and narrow-grip pushups have the same effect as the bench press. Finally, if you want a challenge, buy a weighted vest. But, purchase a light vest and gradually increase it to create a progressive overload effect.

3. Dips

Yes, you can do dips without equipment. It is one of the best chest exercises you can do without weights. Thus the dips work the chest, shoulders, and arms. To do chair dips, first grab hold of a chair corner. Second, hold on and start pushing up and down. Third, fully stretch your chest while positioning your legs at a 10-degree to 90-degree angle.

Also, you can use a coucher dresser or coffee table. Keep your chest outward, and start doing dips. Dips are a perfect chest exercise to perform without weights. They give you great results with primary and secondary muscles.

4. Cable Crossovers

You can use resistance bands to perform any chest exercise, from fly and chest presses to cable crossover. They are one of the most flexible chest exercises without weights. Resistance bands force you to focus on each exercise’s concentric, eccentric, and isometric parts. Thus, they keep the tension constant throughout the entire lift.

Best Diet to Build Chest Muscles

Most people don’t realize that while exercise stimulates muscle growth, it is food that causes muscle growth. Therefore, you need the correct type of food to build chest muscles.

1. Start by Counting Calories

Eating is an anabolic process that builds muscle, stores fat, and creates hormones. You make an impressive body in the kitchen, not the gym. To build muscle, you must eat a calorie surplus. So here is what you must eat to build chest muscles:

2. Eat Protein

You cannot deny the importance of protein in gaining muscles. Thus, eat a lot of protein. Your body cannot grow muscles without protein. Protein builds and repairs enzymes, hormones, bones, skin, and the immune system. It is the only nutrient that can build muscle. The others can only provide energy and heal.

3. Eat Complex Carbs

Also, remember that eating simple carbs will only encourage fat gain. To build the perfect chest without weights, you must eat complex carbs. Foods like fruits, vegetables, and potatoes can be beneficial. Also, drink tons of water and eat a well-balanced diet. You can also use supplements, as they are pretty helpful. The best supplement is whey protein, creatine, and branch-chain amino acids.

The Final Verdict on Chest Exercises Without Weights

So, now you know how to build the perfect chest without weights. You should perform these steps when you can’t go to the gym to see excellent results.

However, it would be best to stay consistent and patient, as an impressive body does not develop overnight. As with any workout program, take a comprehensive approach. You should focus on the concentric, eccentric, isometric, and rest time.

Don’t forget you are what you eat, so eat quality foods like proteins and complex carbohydrates. Also, consult your doctor and get a good night’s sleep. By following solid principles, in no time, you will see results. Finally, if you or someone you know is considering bodybuilding, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about building muscle.

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