Locally Sourced Food - 5 Healthiest Reasons to Choose

Locally Sourced Food – 5 Healthiest Reasons to Choose

Do you want to know why you should choose locally sourced food? According to statistics, the average carrot travels around 1,800 miles before reaching your salad bowl. That’s an insane amount of distance for a single piece of produce. However, it’s a reality that most of us live in. And unless we change the way we source our produce and meats, this could lead to some severe consequences in the long run. 

That’s where local foods come in. 

What do we consider locally sourced food?

Locally sourced foods are food grown or raised in a specific region considered “local” to your area. So, for example, we believe vegetables that producers grow in your city, country, neighborhood, or even your backyard are “locally sourced.” 

You can purchase local dairy products, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Local farmers can also source specialty items such as canned foods, honey, and nut butter. 

Where can I buy locally sourced foods?

You can get local foods in a variety of locations. Of course, the simplest and most cost-effective way is through a farmer’s market. However, you can also get your locally sourced food through grocery delivery services and apps, which is the preferred purchase method. 

What are the benefits of choosing locally sourced foods?

Here are five expected benefits of choosing local foods: 

1. Locally sourced foods are fresher

The great thing about local foods is that they don’t have to travel far before getting to your plate. Fresh produce loses much nutritional value as soon as producers pick them. Long-distance travel doubles this loss, and you’re left with fewer nutrients when the food reaches your destination

Locally sourced foods keep those essential nutrients since they don’t suffer through the same environments. Thus, they are ideal for adding weight-loss diet plans, which rely heavily on clean and filling nutrients to keep the body fueled and energized. 

How to Design the Perfect Diet for Building Massive Muscle. locally sourced food

2. Locally sourced foods can support your seasonal needs

Seasonal changes affect the nutritional needs and requirements of each individual. Local foods typically follow a seasonal cycle. Therefore, this makes them the best candidate to meet the seasonal needs of each person. For instance, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy can relieve hormonal balances in women during their period. 

Often, eating healthy can get a little boring. After all, you can do so many things with oatmeal and berries. However, you can expect more variety in your menus with seasonal changes. This forces you to become more creative in the kitchen and exposes you to various vitamins and minerals

3. Locally sourced foods contain fewer pesticides

Depending on a farmer’s authorizations, locally grown foods may have fewer pesticides or none. To be qualified to use pesticides of any kind in the US, farmers must pay a fee and become certified by the USDA. Thus, small-scale farmers opt for more organic methods to fertilize their crops. Some farmers forgo fertilizers overall. 

Greater Goods Food Scale

4. Locally sourced foods encourage mindful eating

When you shop locally, you’re forced to pay closer attention to the ingredients you’re buying and putting on your plate. First, you learn about the farmers responsible for the food you’re eating. You find out the methods and techniques behind its growth and development. Finally, you notice the benefits of each food before consumption. 

Being more mindful about the food you put in your body plays a massive role in maintaining fitness. By connecting with the food you eat, you’re less likely to scarf down your entire plate without considering its nutritional value.

5. Locally sourced foods produce fewer emissions

As mentioned earlier, produce often travels thousands of miles before reaching your plate. Imagine the amount of fuel and rubber this single process burns through daily. This sits on top of the massive amounts of packaging used to preserve the freshness of these products during shipping.

If left to continue, this can cause dangerous consequences for many people. 

Choosing local food for your meals and menus is a great way to reduce emissions. In addition, locally sourced foods help empower local communities and encourage others to purchase locally. 

The last word on why choose locally sourced food

Working to get fit requires a ton of effort and consistency. Besides exercise, eating right is one of the most effective ways to maintain and improve fitness. Local d vegetables, fruits, and meats are excellent sources of essential nutrients necessary for your overall health

Buying them ensures that you get your required daily dose of vitamins and minerals and helps you avoid contact with harmful chemicals and pesticides in other commercial goods. 

We hope what you learned today about locally-sourced foods encourages you to buy locally and continue buying locally long term. 

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