Here’s How to Build the Cable Machine into Workout Routines

Do you want to know how to build a cable machine into your workout routine? Sure, free weights are great, but you need to spend quality time with the cable machine. These multifaceted pulley systems allow you to pull, press, twist, and hinge, and you can use them for both functional and strength training — you need to know how to use them.

There are various attachments, like the rope, single stirrup handles, and revolving lat bar; depending on what body part you’re working on and what exercise you’re doing, you may use several of them in your workout. For example, some of the most popular exercises on a cable machine are biceps curls, either with the stirrup handle or the revolving curl bar, seated lat pull down with the lat bar, and a single-leg glute press with the ankle strap. But don’t stop there! Here is an infographic of how to use a cable machine with confidence:

Look at this handy infographic for 21  workout routines you can do on the cable machine — including what attachments to use for each one.

Cable Machine Workout Routine


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