How To Incorporate More Citrus Into Your Diet

How to Incorporate More Citrus Into Your Diet

Are you looking for more ways to add citrus to your diet? Citrus fruits have an incredibly versatile flavor that you can use in sweet, salty, or bitter meals to help enhance the flavor. Moreover, citrus has many health benefits because they contain essential nutrients like vitamin C and B6, fibers, flavonoids, carbohydrates, and potassium. So it’s no wonder you want to incorporate more citrus fruits into your diet. Here are some simple and fun ways to do so.

On Top of Fruits

Putting a squeeze of lime on top of your fruits might sound outlandish, but it is a very tasty and popular go-to in many South American countries. If you love tropical fruits like mango, papaya, watermelon, or jicama, consider including a liberal squeeze of lime on top next time you have one. If you like it, you might add a dash of pink Himalayan salt, which many enjoy when having fruit and lime.

How to Incorporate More Citrus Into Your Diet

In Your Beverages

Of course, one of the easiest ways to add citrus to your diet is through beverages. Many people who don’t enjoy drinking water will enhance the flavor with lemon, lime, or an orange. While citrus adds such a dynamic flavor, many people avoid it because it is messy. You must cut and squeeze it. That is why every kitchen needs a hand juicer, as it quickens the process, making it as painless as possible.

Add To Fish Dishes

If the thought of citrus in your drinks is not for you, there are other ways to add it to your diet. Lemon is an excellent fruit that pairs well with various fish like cod, halibut, sea bass, shrimp, and salmon. If you already eat a healthy dose of fish, adding a sprinkle of lemon is an easy way to incorporate citrus into your diet. You can include a spritz on top of your meal as a garnish or add it to a marinade as you prepare it. Try a refreshing cilantro and lime chimichurri sauce as a side dish the next time you grill shrimp.

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The Last Word on How to Incorporate More Citrus Into Your Diet

We shared a few ways to incorporate more citrus into your diet. Citrus fruit has many benefits, from improving the immune, liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular systems. Always consult your doctor when you have concerns about your diet or health. What has been your experience with using more citrus fruit in your diet? Share your experience in the comments so others can benefit.

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