How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercising or Dieting

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercising or Dieting

Can you lose weight without a diet or exercise? The answer is a definite yes! It should be common sense, but it is not because of the loud noise created by the food and fitness industry. Exercise and diet have not always been a part of human history. They designed most diets and exercises in the last 200 years. During the time of Jesus, they did not know what diets or exercises were, yet they stayed in shape.

The cause of obesity

The World Health Organization lists the leading causes of obesity as processed food and a sedentary lifestyle. Diets and exercise dealt with the problems that processed food and chairs caused. If you remove processed food and chairs, diets or exercise would not be needed. But don’t worry, that will not happen because they made billions of dollars off processed foods and chairs. They also create a problem for the fitness and health industry to solve, generating billions of dollars.

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How to lose weight without a diet

To understand how to get off the diet merry-go-round, we must first consider what a diet is. The correct definition of a diet is anything that you eat. Thus, the fitness and health industry calls for a diet to restrict the foods you eat. One of the biggest misconceptions about dieting is that the amount of food and the calories are the same. Also, this is one of the biggest misconceptions that caused the obesity epidemic. It is possible to eat a little food and many calories. Subsequently, eating many foods and a few calories is also possible.

Calories are still king.

Not the food you eat that makes you fat, but the calories in the food. We store the calories as fat, and the chemicals destroy your metabolism and cause you to eat more calories. Thirty cups of spinach have just as many calories as one candy bar, yet you can’t eat 30 cups of spinach in one sitting. It is not how much food you eat but what types of food you eat to prevent losing weight without a diet or exercise. If you go back to eating actual food and stay away from processed and fake food, your metabolism, health, and mood will improve.

Follow the 90/10 rule.

You can eat some processed food, but not a lot. A good rule of thumb is the 90/10 rule. And we don’t mean 90/10 serving sizes but 90/10 calories. So, for example, one candy bar is worth 30 cups of spinach calories, so the serving size wouldn’t work.

The best strategy to lose weight without a diet or exercise

You don’t have to count calories if you don’t eat processed foods, including junk foods, desserts, condiments, and drinks that are not water. But who can do that? So here is the game plan, only count the calories of the processed food. Never eat over 10% of your basal metabolic resting rate (BMR) in processed food calories. You need to memorize your metabolism and check it regularly with a BMR calculator – each time there is a significant change in your weight. For example, if you have a metabolism of 2,300 calories, then multiply it by 10% for 230 calories of processed food to eat.

Your BMR is the best baseline to help you lose weight without dieting or exercising.

Subsequently, any exercise or strenuous activities will help you reach your goals faster. You don’t have to worry about the calories in authentic food because they come from the same place as your body, the earth, and they do not have any chemicals in them. The chemicals in processed foods keep you hungry and shut down your hormones, preventing your body from talking to itself. Also, this means your stomach, brain, and other organs stop communicating, which causes you to overeat even after you are full. Here is a secret – all the successful diets have one thing in common: REAL FOOD!

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How to lose weight without exercise

Okay, so we took care of what the World Health Organization called the leading cause of obesity, processed food. We agreed not to eat it. Not to worry, we are just kidding! But seriously, we decided on the 90/10 rule, where calories are the chosen unit of measurement, and our Basal Metabolic Rate is our baseline. So on to the next leading cause of obesity. The World Health Organization said that a sedentary lifestyle is number two on the list. So the quickest way to overcome this problem is to stand up and not sit down. I know this is hard to believe, but standing will eliminate a sedentary lifestyle, the second leading cause of obesity.

Vertical Plank –

Standing is an underestimated activity to lose weight without exercise. Besides being non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT activity), standing is also a plank. Start a standing workout tomorrow if you think standing is such a simple exercise. You must stand all day, including when you eat your meals. Only take two 15-minute breaks a day. We recommend starting slow and building up for those who don’t think it is easy. Start with standing for 15 minutes every hour and then increase your time gradually each week. You can increase your time by as little as one minute or as much as one hour. The goal is to use progressive volume to reach the desired outcome. Try a weighted vest to increase the activity’s intensity for those in good shape who wish to use standing as fat-burning.

Goal –

To lose weight without exercise, the goal is to increase your standing time each week until you can stand all day. Also, this will keep you out of a chair and prevent you from living a sedentary lifestyle. Now it is vital not just to stand but to stand correctly. That means no leaning or slouching. First, stand with both feet parallel and spread shoulder-width apart. Next, gently press your feet into the ground, where you feel the ground pushing back up through your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutei. Finally, stand without leaning, with stomach tightened, shoulders pulled back, and chin parallel to the floor.

Effects –

Standing can burn 750 calories a day. So, if you eat less than your BMR in calories, which is achievable if you stay away from processed food, you can lose 1.5 pounds a week from standing. Besides burning calories, standing causes hormonal changes and increases your body’s metabolism. For example, a power stand like Superman can increase hormones like testosterone by over 20%. Standing also works the most important muscles in the body. Standing will build strong, muscular legs and butt.

Yes, you can lose weight without dieting or exercising, just like your ancestors did.

You must eliminate the problems they never had to deal with: processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle. It is just that simple. First, start eating actual food and avoiding processed foods by following the 90/10 rule. Second, get out of the chair and stand or move around. Chairs and processed food are artificial and not natural. You don’t see any other animals eating a diet of processed foods or sitting around all day unless raised by farmers for slaughter.

Finally, you can combine eating actual food, standing with playing, doing house chores, cooking, mowing the grass, washing the car, and lifting a few weights to build muscle. Be the first to volunteer to do chores around the house and become everyone’s favorite person. Also, park further away from the grocery store and walk further. You won’t have to fight for a parking space, and you can spend a few calories taking that extra walk while you look up at the sky and think about how good life is. When you enter the grocery store, stay out of the center aisle where all the processed food is. If you don’t bring it home, you can’t eat it. You can lose weight without a diet or exercise, but you must follow these basic guidelines.

How did exercise and diets take over our lives?

You can lose weight without a diet or exercise, but you can’t build muscle without a diet or exercise, and sometimes lose the weight faster, or you could have medical problems that require a diet or prevent us from standing. Along with the calories, chemicals, and sedentary lifestyle, the other factors determining how fast we can lose weight are frequency, intensity, and duration.

While authentic food and standing will cause us to lose weight without dieting or exercise, we can lose weight faster and put on a few pounds of muscle when we add the proper diet and activities to the actual food and standing. In short, dieting and exercise increase the intensity, duration, and frequency of getting results. But unfortunately, we are a society of instant gratification, so often, most of us will forgo the long route for the short course, even if it causes us to suffer and sweat more.

The choice is up to you. Instead, you can lose the weight steadily and keep it off or fast and volatile with a process you may not maintain. No matter what you do, it must include natural foods and an active lifestyle to have lasting results. We created diets and exercise to solve processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle. If you eliminate the problem, then you can also eliminate the solution. You can live as your ancestors did (healthy) by doing this.

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