How to Master the Decline Russian Twist

How to Master the Decline Russian Twist

The decline Russian twist is an advanced core exercise that works your entire core in one move. It requires coordination, balance, and firm control over your body. This exercise can be done with or without weights to increase intensity.

How to Perform the Decline Russian Twist

Let’s explore how to perform the decline Russian twist properly. You can get the most out of this powerful abdominal movement by doing it right.

Setup –

Find a bench or box approximately 15-20 inches off the ground. Lie down and secure your feet at the top of the bench or box. Your hips should now be slightly elevated off the ground.

This will make it easier for you to move your torso during this exercise. Next, place your hands together before you and engage your abs by pulling them up towards your spine.

Form –

Now, slowly rotate your torso from side to side as far as you can. But make sure to twist at the core only while keeping tension in your abdominals. Keep good form by not allowing your upper body to touch the bench!

Focus on keeping your elbows stationery and tucked to your side while your abs move them in almost 90 degrees slightly before the abdominal and beyond the midback. Make sure that you go slowly and control each side. Finally, pause briefly when you reach full rotation before switching sides again.

Resistance –

Grab a dumbbell or medicine ball if you want to increase the intensity. This will add extra resistance for more of an abdominal challenge. Next, focus on keeping good form with every rep. Don’t alter your form with the weight or equipment you use.

Doing this exercise correctly helps ensure that you precisely target all areas of your core. This will include your obliques and transverse abdominis (the deepest layer of abdominal muscles).

The Last Word on the Decline Russian Twist

The decline Russian twist is an effective way to target multiple areas of the core in one move. It also increases stability and balance in addition to strength gains.

By mastering proper form and ensuring that no part of your body touches the floor, you can get maximum results from this challenging move!

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